Akira brakes both bones and sterotypes


Akira Cast: Sonakshi Sinha, Konkna Sen Sharma, Anurag Kashyap, Amit Sadh
Director: A R Murugadoss
Genre: Action
Duration: 2 hours 18 minutes


Akira (Sonakshi Sinha ) a graceful girl early learns not to accept wickedness. she chooses martial arts over dance when she realized the value of physical strength. Due to her habit of standing against authorities, she becomes the most famous girl in her college in Mumbai. But this local college hero accidentally crosses the path of some of the villainy police officers. How she will stand up to them, and get her way out of this trap is the movie to watch.


A R Murugadoss’s Akira is the female version of Akshay Kumar’s ‘GABBAR’ . One can find all three khans in one AKIRA, she punches and sings better than others. But despite Sonakshi’s outstanding performance, this movie never really connects to the audience.

Talking about the first half of movie Akira’s progressive father enrolls her in Karate classes, and teaches her how to stand against malpractices at any cost. she is sent to jail for three years, for trying to save someone early in her life. Now she reaches Mumbai for higher studies, where she has to face college bullies because of her rebel thoughts. Because of her such acts, she lands herself in front of a corrupt ACP Govind Rane( Anurag Kashyap ) and gets to know that he has committed a crime. The chase between cops and Akira starts when she threatens them that she will expose them.


As the story continues one can easily notice the lack of originality with this movie, as far as acting is concerned one must appreciate Anurag’s attempt ( one of the most acclaimed director ) of playing a bad cop. Though it was his debut movie but he never looked like a debutant and Konkna Sen who is playing a pregnant cop, has also impressed through her decent performance. Though Sonakshi looks great in action scenes but these are the formula films, she is yet to prove her acting skills.

Coming back to the movie, ‘GHAJINI’ fame director Murugadoss started the movie with good intentions of breaking the stereotypes in society. Despite so many flaws, the movie manages to keep the audience engaged. The chase scenes are full of thrills. We can see this movie as the beginning of women-centric action movies.

Go for it, if you are a fan of action movies,surely it will be a refreshing experience. for more cool stuff do like us on Facebook and Twitter .



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