10 Best Rainmeter Skins to make your Desktop new Again [May-2018]

Best Rainmeter Skins
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Rainmeter is a lightweight application to theme your desktop and explore many new features. Though Windows is fairly customizable on its own, this Software can take desktop theming to the next level, and today we will discuss some of the Best Rainmeter Skins available out there (May 2018).

Now, we know there are almost same themes on every webpage you go, but here we made sure that you will see some pretty amazing stuff, that no one ever showed, and we will keep exploring and will update when we will find something new and better.

Also, we tested these skins first and then placed it accordingly on our list.

Best Rainmeter Skins (May 2018)

Another thing about these themes, they are easy to download, and we gave direct links to download, you can just click the Download Button and it will take you to the download page.

1) Minimal 

Best Rainmeter SkinsAs the name suggests this is a minimal skin, with a beautiful look and features. The wallpaper you see above is included in the theme pack. So, what you have to do is just apply the theme and change the wallpaper and you are done!

After installing the theme you can find the wallpaper here Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Simple\minimal wall.jpg

Download Minimal Rainmeter Skin

2) Spirit

Best Rainmeter SkinsA classic card themed skin with all the basic things you need like, Email, Dropbox, Chrome, Notes, Stats and more. Also, this theme sets up with every wallpaper you apply. This card design is also trending nowadays.

Download Sprit Rainmeter Skin

3) Comic Clock

Best Rainmeter SkinsThis is one of the Best Rainmeter Skin out there. It’s not fancy or minimal but it will surely give your desktop a great and funny look. It’s not a whole theme pack, it’s just a clock, and if you like the wallpaper you can get that here.

Download Comic Clock Rainmeter Skin

4) Papyros

Best Rainmeter SkinsNow, who don’t love the Google’s Material Design and the Material Colors and if you do, then this theme is for you, this theme has some basic elements Material Designed like Google Search, Basic Info, Current Music, Weather, File Manager, and Secret Notes!

I personally used this theme for a long time, and I found it amazing.

Download Papyros Rainmeter Skin

5) Crypto Ticker

Best Rainmeter SkinsInterested in cryptocurrencies? but tired of opening your phone or webpage to check the prices? then this skin will help you a lot, this skin will show you the exact prices of the trending cryptocurrencies on your desktop. Also, it comes in two designs a semi-transparent background, and a fully transparent one, so it’s your choice, which one you want to choose.

Download Crypto Ticker Rainmeter Skin

6) Crypto Wallet Monitor

Best Rainmeter SkinsAfter you buy Crypto Currencies you need a wallet to manage those, this Rainmeter skin allows you to monitor the money in your crypto wallet. Currently, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple are supported.

Download Crypto Wallet Monitor Rainmeter Skin

7) Ironman and Jarvis Theme

Best Rainmeter SkinsThis skin is for Ironman and Marvel Lovers, everything is themed as Jarvis UI in ironman which looks very cool to have, also this theme has tons of features like

  • 4 predefined colors (Red, Green Yellow, Blue)
  • System usage info CPU, RAM, and swap)
  • Weather Now and 4 days to come (°C or °F)
  • Audio visualizer (color changing)(right click over it to see customization options)
  • iTunes and Spotify music player with music controls, artwork, spinning vinyl, song info, etc
  • Date and Time
  • IP and Network info
  • Battery level for laptops
  • Recycle bin info (# of items and size of all the items)
  • Hard drive info
  • Notes section
  • Folders, apps and websites shortcuts

Best Rainmeter SkinsThis skin is super customization and easy to use, download the theme below

Download Ironman Jarvis Rainmeter Skin

8) Realistic Mac OSX

Best Rainmeter SkinsLove Apple Notebooks but can’t afford one? then this theme is for you. This skin is the closest to what you can get on a Mac, though this is not perfect, but its the closest one, you have to install ‘ObjectDock’ to complete this theme. You can get all of the files from the link below.

Download Realistic Mac OS X Rainmeter Skin

9) Batman

Best Rainmeter SkinsAfter that awesome Ironman theme, here is a theme of a guy who “Bought the Bank” the one and only Batman. This theme features some cool icons and weather skins. Though the clock is my favorite thing. Though you get the wallpaper used above in the skin file, but if you cant find it, Here it is.

Download Batman Rainmeter Skin

10) Battlefield 3

Best Rainmeter SkinsNow, this is something for gamers, though this is no actually 1 skin, but its a set of the skins, using specific items of those skins. The end result you can see is terrific! This skin will be loved by all the Battlefield fans here.

Battlefield 3 Rainmeter Skin

So, these were 10 Best Rainmeter Skins of 2018, do let us know if you like it via comments below. Also, we will regularly update the article to get you more great skins, and features!

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