Bollywood has always been known for its mainstream movies that usually revolves around the romance between hero and heroine. Romance, action, horror and biopics are some of the most common genres in Bollywood though it has surprised us many times by some unusual offerings but the censor board has never excepted them whole heartedly. One such unusual genre is ‘Erotic’, it has been a part of Bollywood from the very beginning but be it censor board or moral police of the society everyone raises a big hue and cry on this Genre. Here is the list of such top five must watch erotic movies of the Bollywood.

1) Sins (2005)

Erotic movies of the Bollywood

This controversial film was based on the life of a Catholic priest who got secretly involved with a younger woman. Actor Shiney Ahuja played the lead role of Catholic, the film had many topless scenes and received an A certificate from censor board but it was mainly criticized for the negative portrayal of the Catholic priest.

2) Utsav (1984)

Erotic movies of the Bollywood

Shashi Kapoor and Rekha played the lead role in the film where Rekha played a seductress. Utsav is an adaptation of Sanskrit drama and it is well known for its hot scenes between Shekhar Suman and Rekha.

3) Jism 2 (2012)

Erotic movies of the Bollywood

Though this film failed to impress the audience like its prequel did but it created a lot of buzzes as Sunny Leone the former adult movie star made her Bollywood debut with this film. Jism 2 had many erotic scenes and it got a certificate by censor board for its strong sexual content.

4) Hate Story (2012)

Erotic movies of the Bollywood

The year 2012 saw many erotic thrillers but one that managed to impress the audience was Hate Story. The movie tells the story of a woman and her struggle to fight against the man that betrayed her. It received mixed reviews from the film critics but the Bengali beauty Paoli Dam grabbed attention for her hot scenes with many actors in the film.

5) Murder (2004)

Erotic movies of the Bollywood

The theme of this movie was based on the extra-marital affair. Emraan Hashmi got the title of serial kisser of Bollywood from the iconic kiss in this film. The erotic love making scenes between Malikka Sherawat and Emraan Hashmi and mind blowing songs helped this movie to become a commercial success.

So, guys, this is the list of Top five erotic movies of the Bollywood

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