Flash Crossover Pics Leaked, Tom Cavanagh is back as reverse flash

Flash Crossover Pics Leaked

The excitement for the Flash Season 4 has been increasing with each passing days. We already know that ‘Crisis on Earth-X’ is going to one of the biggest crossovers in the history of DC/CW where we will see our favorite superheroes from Supergirl, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Arrow joining the battle against the enemy they never expected (Nazis). After having your eyes on the trailer of the season here we bring you the Flash crossover pics leaked that will surely blow your mind.

Flash Crossover Pics Leaked

Flash crossover pics leaked

Flash crossover pics leaked

Evil Harrison Wells captured Iris and Felicity

Flash crossover pics leaked These leaked pics gives us the greater view of what we are going to see in the crossover events. Here is the how the events have been described “Barry and Iris’s wedding brings the gang together, but things go awry when villains from Earth-X attack the ceremony. All of the superheroes band together with help from their super friends like Citizen Cold, The Ray, Felicity Smoak, Iris West, and Alex Danvers to take on their most formidable villains yet. Earth’s mightiest heroes – Green Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash, and White Canary – lead their teams into battle to save the world.” Reported by CW.

Flash crossover pics leakedWhat makes us even more desperate for the season is leaked pics of our most favorite Tom Cavanagh and that too in the costumes of Reverse Flash. Though it is unclear that which version of Reverse Flash he will be playing.

Flash crossover pics leaked

Starting from Nov. 27 ‘Crisis on Earth-X’ will be much like a 4-hour movie that will unfold across two nights. So, what do you think about Flash Crossover Pics Leaked, Tell us your theory how they will defeat nazis.

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