Are you guys bored of watching same old Sas-Bahu and Reality TV Shows on television? No need to worry as today we are going to share a list of top 5 Indian web series with some realistic and fresh content. These low budget web series have become very popular in our country in the last couple of years and it has attracted a large pool of young talented actors and audience toward it. Take a look…

1) TVF Pitchers

web series

This web series is created by The Viral Fever and  Arunabh Kumar. The story is about four friends who are trying to start up a new company and the hurdles that come into their way. Their journey is full of passion, struggle, and humor.

2) Permanent Roommates

web series

One another TVF series which is created by Bswapati Sarkar. It is a love story of a couple (Mikesh and Tanya)  who were in long distance relationship from past three years and now finally they have made their mind to get married. Situations take ugly turns when Tanya finds that she is pregnant.

3) Tripling

Tripling is a story of a road trip of three siblings who have their own struggles in their life. Some great acting skills showed by lead actors. The characters are highly relatable and every one of them resembles someone from our social life. This unforgettable road trip will is definitely a delight to watch.

4) Bang Baja Barat

web series

A cute love story of a couple who decides to start their married life with the blessings of their parents. But they never imagined what may happen when families of two different background will meet. Ali Fazal and And Angira Dhar are in lead roles.of

5) Baked

web series

This series is created by ScoopWhoop and it is a saga of three DU students who decide to utilize their free time by starting a midnight food delivery services. The collaboration of these guys is quite entertaining and fun to watch

So, these are some of the best and must watch web series available on youtube. If you guys liked this post please share it with your friends and don’t forget to like and follow us on FaceBook and Twitter.
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