Time for a New Bezel-Less Phone, This Time from Meizu!!!

Meizu unexpected

The Smartphone market is already amazed by Xiaomi’s Mi Mix with 91% screen to body ratioit’s actually 84.16 but never mind at least we got 84.16…back to the topic, and now we are seeing something more amazing…A rival to Mi Mix, a new design from Meizu leaked a while ago and it looks like Meizu was able to achieve more screen to body ratio than Mi Mix.

Meizu unexpected

These images are leaked by Weibo Tech Blogger KJuma, in which we can see that there is no bottom bezel like Mi Mix, but  it looks like there is a fingerprint sensor beneath the screen, maybe it’s the Snapdragon Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor. We also get the teaser for the launch of the smartphone i.e. 24.12.2016, Christmas eve.

Meizu unexpected

So, now this is how a smartphone looks like… if this is real. We didn’t get any confirmation on this being real or not, it’s a concept as of now, but we’ll update as soon we get some info on this topic.

So, what do you guys think of this leak, what will be the price of this smartphone if launched??? I will be definitely less than the Super Expensive Huawei Mate 9 launched a few days ago! Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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