Reliance Jio: Facts, Process and Lies

Reliance Jio

After 25 days of waiting, I finally got my Reliance Jio Sim activated. I will tell you some of  the Facts about Jio that I get to know during my waiting, and that was fascinating. so let’s get started.

First of all, If you read my previous post about Jio you’ll get to know the pain to find the right store near you…but that problem is solved now. So, Let’s talk about a new one.

What you should do after getting a Jio sim???

The executives say that your sim will get activated in 2 hours…That’s a pure lie. It took 20 days and still didn’t activated. Whenever I went to the store they say, Servers are down. Never mind.

After some time they say your SIM is not going to activate, and you have to take a new one, Or its just my case. Then the process to get a new sim starts and what comes next….errors….After waiting 2 hours, I finally got a new jio sim, and they said this one will get activated in 2 hours, I thought that’s quick. But, that too was a lie. For 2 days the Sim didn’t get activated.

Reliance Jio

Then the 3rd day I got a message than my SIM us ready for televerification…. FINNALY. But there was No Network in the SIM.

I tried everything to get signals: changed the Device 3 times, tried changing APNs and every other method available, but no luck.

I also tried calling Reliance Jio customer care 18008899999. What they say about this is, the executives are available to help 24×7….(LIE). First of all, their lines are always busy, and second, they are not available 24×7. I tried calling Late nights and early mornings but no one answered.

The process to get a Jio Sim is Difficult….The Process to activate the sim is Even Worse…but after activation, you can enjoy some great services.

So, Is these services are worth the pain and waiting…I’ll say yes. Free calls forever and unlimited Internet (You have 4GB pre day cap now though) is worth the wait. But Reliance you have to speed up the process of activation. If you can’t manage the request, limit the Jio users or do anything to make you current users happy. Then think of adding new customers

So what do you guys think, have you got your Jio SIM???Is it activated? Or you have an interesting Jio story like mine or a question related to Jio…Tell us in the comments below, We would love to hear the story and answer you quires.

Have a nice day.


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