Happy New Year!!! Reliance Jio is Free till 31st March 2017.

Reliance Jio

Hello, 20% Happy and 80% Frustrated Reliance Jio customers, your days of frustration are over as Jio shared the feedbacks and announced some cool new things to look upon. So, Let’s get started!

First of all Reliance Jio is Facing many problems like call drops, Tower congestion, Not enough support to run, But till they are trying their best to provide a great user experience to their customers. Mukesh Ambani addresses

In the last 3 months, nearly 900 crore voice calls from Jio to the networks of our 3 largest competitors were blocked. Benefits of Jio’s superior technology have been denied to customers due to anti-competitive behaviour of incumbent operators. Through all this, Jio has been a tireless champion for Indian customers and their right to free voice services. Over the past months, the call block rate has come down from over 90% to nearly 20% as of yesterday. I want to reiterate that Jio is committed to ensuring that all domestic voice calls by Jio customers will be free forever.

So after listening to that announcement, It looks like Jio is improving their services to make the experience better, they are installing new towers and repairing the existing ones to prevent congestion.

Reliance Jio

So the announcements made today for the future of Reliance Jio are as follows:

  • All Domestic Voice Calls by Jio customers will be free forever
  • Jio now fully supports mobile number portability and all customers can retain their existing number when they migrate to Jio.
  • Get a Jio SIM home-delivered and activated in 5 minutes through eKYC (Jio Stores).
  • Starting 4 December 2016, every new Jio user will get Jio’s Data, Voice, Video and the full bouquet of Jio applications absolutely free, till 31 March 2017. We are calling this the “Jio Happy New Year Offer“.
  • All existing Jio customers will get extended benefits of Jio Happy New Year offer till 31 March 2017 on current SIMs.
  • Data usage is now set to 1GB per Day. As 80% of Jio users consume less than 1 GB of data daily. 1 GB per day is 30 times the average usage on other networks.
  • Jio customers will also be able to test-drive digital recharge, billing experience, using JioMoney wallet.
  • Under Jio Happy New Year Offer, customers will get 30 times the average usage on other networks free till 31 March 2017.
  • Adoption of Digital Money and the Cashless way of living is people’s ability to convert physical Cash into Digital Cash and vice-versa. JioMoney is expanding its reach to millions of touch points where micro-ATMs will be deployed.

That was all for today’s announcement. What do you think? Is it the right decision taken by Mukesh Ambani? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below

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