Roland Folger, Managing Director and CEO Mercedes Benz India has launched Mercedes Benz S- class Connoisseur’s Edition in the Indian market which is introduced only in Two variants S -350d & S -400. The special edition cars debut in the Indian market with the awesome features like Night View Assist Plus and a Plethora of exquisite rear seats. It is going to be the 4th launch of the year from one of the number one German Auto maker brand like Mercedes Benz.

On the occasion of launch of Connoisseur’s Edition, Roland Folger, Managing Director and CEO Mercedes Benz India said that, ” At Mercedes Benz, it is our endeavour to offer our discerning customers the best of our products and services. We are glad to introduce the ‘Connoisseur’s Edition’ of our flagship product- the S-class that has set the new Benchmark in the super luxury sedan segment across the globe, for several decades now. The S-class ‘Connoisseur’s Edition’ combines luxury, design and technology with the highest standards of perfection, surpassing the high expectations for a luxury sedan. We are confident that the ‘Connoisseur’s Edition’ will be appreciated and admired by our loyal customers, who expect nothing but the best from the Mercedes Benz”.


S- class Connoisseur’s Edition features:

  • It has 3- stage fully electric front adjustable seats.
  • Night View Assist Plus enable drivers to detect pedestrians or larger animals sooner in the dark by highlighting Cockpit display.
  • During the event of Front collision, the cushion bag deploys under seat cushion and prevents the occupant from sliding beneath the seat belt.
  • It also comes with Air balance package includes ionization which improves air filtering.
  • S 350d comes with Burmester audio system with 13 high-performance peakers.
  • S 400 comes with Burmester 3D surround system with 24 speakers and 9 tweeters with 24 channel amplifier with output of 1520 watts.

S- class Connoisseur’s Edition specifications:

  • S 350d is powered by 3.0- litre V6 Diesel engine which produce the Power of 258 bhp and max Torque of 620 Nm.
  • It reaches from 0-100 km/h in just 6.8- seconds and Top speed of 250 km/h.
  • S 400 is powered by 3.0- litre V6 Petrol engine which produce the Power of 333 bhp and max Torque of 480 Nm.
  • It reaches from 0-100 km/h in just 6.1- seconds and Top speed of 250 km/h.
  • It comes with 8 airbags, ESP, PRE-SAFE, Dynamic cornering system and many more.

S- class Connoisseur’s Edition price:

Mercedes Benz s 350d Connoisseur’s Edition price- INR 1.21 Crores [Ex showroom, Pune].

Mercedes Benz s 400 Connoisseur’s Edition price- INR 1.32 Crores {Ex showroom, Pune}.

So, guys what do you think about the S- class Connoisseur’s Edition will it get the good response as it is expected by the company, tell us your views in the comment box and follow us on FaceBook and Twitter.

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