Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro is it actually smart?

Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro

Samsung introduced the  Samsung Galaxy J2 pro in India today under Make in India initiative featuring Smart Glow, S-Bike Mode, and Turbo Speed Technology (TST). The smartphone is actually budget oriented as Samsung priced it at 9,890 Rs. We will talk more about its features but first, take a look at its specs.

Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro Specssamsung galaxy j2 pro

  • 5-inch HD Super AMOLED display
  • 1.5 GHz quad-core Spreadtrum SC8830 processor (with TST)
  • 2GB RAM, 16GB Storage (Expandable)
  • 8MP Rear Camera (Feat. Automatic Rear Cam Selfies)
  • 5 MP Front Camera with Selfie Assist
  • 2,6000 mAh Battery
  • 4G Dual Sim (both Micro Sim)
  • Android 6.0 marshmallow, Touchwiz UI

Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro Features

This smartphone is packed with some interesting features for its Indian customers :-

samsung galaxy j2 pro

Turbo Speed Technology :- Its an Indian innovation which can launch the native apps 40% faster than the devices with double the RAM, i.e. in-built apps such as contacts, camera and gallery have been re-engineered for a lower memory footprint which results in freer RAM.

samsung galaxy j2 pro

Ultra Data Saving Mode :- It can save your 4G data by up to 50%. It compresses and restricts data used by background apps, so you can enjoy more of your favourite content while using less data.

samsung galaxy j2 prosamsung galaxy j2 prosamsung galaxy j2 pro

S-Bike Mode :- S-Bike mode is a feature that ensures bikers ride tension free on the road. It filters all incoming calls while the biker is riding. And if the call is urgent, the caller can press 1 to connect directly with the biker. I think this is a promotional feature because Samsung says that if you ride with the S-Bike mode on you can get Exciting Rewards from Samsung… Really!!

                                 samsung galaxy j2 pro samsung galaxy j2 pro samsung galaxy j2 pro

Smart Glow :- Its just a notification LED which Samsung has placed at the back of the device and making it bigger and weird. You can set custom colors for your notifications and call alerts from the RGB codes provided in the settings. The main thing to get excited about this Smart Glow is that it can help you take Rear camera selfies, It gives you directional cues – whether you must tilt the phone to the left or right – to detect your face and lock focus. The LED Notification Ring will light up completely and take the selfie automatically.

Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro Price and Availability

The Smartphone is priced at 9,890 Rs (pretty weird sum) and it’s available in Gold, Black, and Silver color variants. You can buy this only on Snapdeal (links below) because Samsung launched exclusively on Snapdeal.

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So, what do you guys think of this another feature packed smartphone from Samsung (this one is innovative too!!). Did you liked the Smart Glow and the Turbo Speed Tech in the Handset, would you consider picking it up….tell us in the comments below.

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