Shivaay Fails To Impress The Audience


SHIVAAY CAST: Ajay Devgan, Abigail Eames,Erika Kaar, Girish Karnad, Sayyeshaa Saigal
GENRE: Action
DURATION: 2hours 52minutes

Ajay’s Shivaay is full of action but everything else is just average.


Shivaay(Ajay) is a fearless man of mountains, covered in lord Shiva tattoos. One day he meets Olga(Erika Kaar) a Bulgarian student Studying at Delhi University in a mountaineering mission. They fall in love but Olga has to go back to her country and left Shivaay and her daughter Gaura(Abigail Eames). After years, he decides to visit Bulgaria with her eight-year daughter, but everything gets changed when Gaura gets kidnapped in this strange country. How Shivay will rescue her from them is the movie to watch.



Ajay Devgn who is back with his own production unit has tried his best to match the Hollywood levels of action
movies. The film starts with the beats of Bol Har Har and Ajay lying bare-chested on the mountain, Having tattoos of Shiva and Pipe in fingers. Ajay descending on mountain cliffs like a pro or stunning Himalayan cinematography everything is a visual treat for the audience. Coming back to the story, our cool chillum-smoking Shivay becomes an angry killer after the abduction of his daughter. Death-defying action starts in the movie and now his only mission in life is to bust out those kidnappers who are actually the members of the flesh trade racket in Bulgaria.

But as I mentioned everything is not as good as it seems and this movie has so many flaws,biggest is its run time. Films fail to emotionally connect with the audience and becomes very slow as well as irrelevant in the second half. Editing is an another issue with this film, it seems that Ajay has forgotten to stop as director. The last one is the story narration when we think that everything has been short out and the film is approaching a logical end, suddenly a new twist comes into sight.


After releasing the logo of the movie 2 years in advance,Shivay was expected as a masterpiece but unfortunately the movie failed to stand on expectations. Its soundtrack has been composed by Mithun, there are total 5 songs and the Title track sung by Mithun, Mohit Chauhan, Sukhwinder Singh and Badshah is already a big hit.

So, overall this movie is strictly for Ajay Devgn’s fans watch it if you want to experience Spectacular Scenery and some outstanding Action. Afterall Ajay is best when it comes to action movies.


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