Super Cars to be Launched in 2017.

Super Cars

The Auto Show in LA( Los Angeles) is creating more and more buzz between the peoples, critics and cars lovers. Every royal and luxury car maker companies are showing off their legacy and royalty through their cars. All the companies are show casting their most expensive cars. But the Automaker companies like Porsche & Daimler really stole the views of peoples and critics but other companies are not much far behind they also grab the views as well with their Super Cars like-  Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Jaguar & Landrover ( both the Tata’s Company) and new manufacturer Divergent also have made their name in the top Automaker cars.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio QV(2017):

alfa Romeo stelvio qv 2017

  • It is propelled by 2.9- litre V6 Bi-turbo engine.
  • It gives the 505 hp.
  • The company has equipped this with all the advanced safety features.
  • The design of the car is very striking to the eyes.

So, the safety feature is not an issue in this supercar which is promised by the company.

Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid Executive:


  • It is powered by 2.5- litre engine.
  • New Porsche comes with a long wheelbase.
  • It took powers from Petrol with Electric engine.
  • It comes in 4- wheel drive with 50 km of range in electric mode and electric engine reaches a top speed of 140km/l.
  • It churns Torque up to 400nm.

Divergent Blade:


  • It is completely like a 3-D printed car.
  • It will come only in just 200 units.
  • It will be powered by 3.0-litre v8 engine.
  • It will deliver the power around 700hp.
  • The price will be in the range of Koenigsegg.

Jaguar I-pace:

jaguar i pace

  • It will deliver the power around 396hp.
  • It will churn the torque up to 700Nm from a 90kWh battery.
  • It is a perfect rival for Tesla Model X.
  • It is all over an electric SUV.
  • It reaches to 100km/h in just 4 seconds with a range of 500km.

Lamborghini Huracan RWD spyder:                                                                                 lamborghini-huracan-spyder

Lamborghini the name is enough. The company revealed the top model of Huracan RWD at LA and the company assure it to be a more appealing car.

  • It will be propelled by 5.2- litre V10 engine.
  • It will produce the power of 580hp.
  • It will churn Torque up to 540nm at 6,500 rpm.
  • Audi R8 got the same engine which is shared by Lamborghini.

So, guys what do you think about these Super and monster cars, tell us your views in the comment box and follow us on FaceBook and Twitter.

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