Tired of Copy-Paste, Swiftkey for Android is there for Help!


Swiftkey is one of the Most Popular keyboard app on Android right now, because of its cool features, Themes and above all its Learning Algorithm Swiftkey’s word predictions are more than 90% accurate (For me At least). Recently they rolled out ‘Incognito Mode’ which means whenever the incognito mode is turned on Swiftkey will not monitor or saves your texts.

And today they rolled out another great feature….wait let me give you a short example about this.

You have to copy some text to send it to your friend. you have to collect the text from other Websites, Apps etc. what you will do is copy one phrase at a time and send it to your friend and then switch over to copy other text and then again send it to your friend, OR you just not send those texts to you friend! Go help yourself.

But Swiftkey got you covered, they added a new feature called Clipboard in which you can copy multiple phrases at the same time and then send all at once without even switching from the app. It’s easier now to send copied text!


So what are you guys waiting for, go copy text and send it to your friends! But before that share this post with your friends to let them know about this New Feature

The new app is available on Play Store now click the button below to Download

Swiftkey on Google Play

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