Watch Movies Online! Top 10 free Movie Downloading Sites

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All of you have faced difficulties in downloading your favorite movies online. In this world of piracy, it is very difficult to reach the genuine websites. Most of the website that promises you to provide HD links to movies is a gateway to the malware. But today we have brought you guys the list of top 10 free movie downloading sites. Have a look

Top 10 free movie downloading sites 

1) KasperMovies.Me

Top 10 free movie downloading sites

KasperMovies.Me is easily one of the best movie downloading site you will find on the internet today. The site provides all the latest released Bollywood movies in HD quality apart from that you can also find most of your favorite Hollywood movies here. what makes it the best movie downloading site on the internet is that you also download many Japanese Anime series here.

2) The Internet Archive

 Top 10 free movie downloading sites

This one is heaven for all the Hollywood movies lovers. This site provides the direct links and torrent links to the thousands of your favorite movies. Apart from that it also provides books and music to its users and that too absolutely free. But here’s the best part. This site allows its users to make a virtual library card so that they can store their videos or songs there. Isn’t it a dream come true?


So, this site is for Hindi lovers, I mean it provides you the Hindi dubbed link of all your favorite South Indian, Hollywood and many other European movies. is more a torrent site that provides you links to all these recently released movies.

4) Retrovision

Top 10 free movie downloading sites

Retrovision is another very useful app when it comes to downloading movies. Their genre- specific menu helps you to easily search the movies of your choice. They also have an app where you can access all these with much more ease. They many categories which include horror, adventure, cartoons, crimes etc.


Top 10 free movie downloading sites

This site provides all the latest Bollywood, Hollywood blockbuster and TV series in 720P 1080P. They provide three different links for the same movie and if any of them crashes you try other two to download the desired content.

7) YouTube

Here is the list of Top 10 free movie downloading sitesYoutube is also a very popular site to download movies that too in HD qualities. There are many channels present on the youtube which both Bollywood and Hollywood movies.
(Public Domain Full Movies, Maverick Movies, and Popconflix) these are some of the channels.


Top 10 free movie downloading sites

This one is my personal favorite, from Justice League to  Wonder Woman you can find everything here. But what makes it my favorite? Actually, they also have all seasons of series like Games of Thrones, Arrow, Supergirl.


Top 10 free movie downloading sites

The best thing about this website is that they categorize the movie by grading them. So, you can easily find best viewed or best-graded movies available on the site. Movies are also available in different sizes and different quality and you can what suits you best out of them.

10) SabwapHere is the list of Top 10 free movie downloading sites

Last but not the least on our countdown is Sabwap. This websites also provides all the Bollywood movies in HD quality. But apart from you can also download all the latest teasers and trailers. In addition to that they also have the video gallery of all the latest video songs.

So, guys, this was the list of Top 10 free movie downloading sites  I hope you guys liked our post. Share this post with your friends and Don’t forget to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. You can also follow us on Instagram – @likelyfad

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