Here are the top five reasons to watch Thor Ragnarok this weekend


5 Reasons to Watch Thor Ragnarok

1) Battle between Thor and Hulk

top five reasons to watch Thor Ragnarok

The Gladiator style brawl between Thor and the Incredible Hulk is the most epic battle scene from the film that we can’t wait to see on the big screen. We all know that both Hulk and Thor are the strongest superheroes in Marvel Universe and fans have spent decades debating on who would win in a fight between Thor and Hulk. But the co-creator of MCU Stan Lee has already predicted a winner and here is what he said “I would have to say, Thor, because as strong as Hulk is, he’s still a mortal. Thor is one of the Norse gods!”.

2) Thor and Loki coming together

top five reasons to watch Thor Ragnarok

Loki and Thor teaming up for the battle against Hela in the trailers of Thor Ragnarok was the biggest shockers for fans. We all know that Loki’s loyalty has always been slightly unpredictable and he has never been a trustworthy character in the earlier films but what we should not forget is he’s still the God of mischief.

3) The Goddess of death

top five reasons to watch Thor Ragnarok

Hela (the goddess of death) crushing the hammer of Thor with one hand was one of the most epic scenes we have seen in Marvel’s movies. Hela, played by the Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett is also the first major female Villian. In an interview to Entertainment weekly, Cate revealed the origin of Hela as “Loki accidentally imprisoned Hela who has been locked away for millennia, getting more and more cross, and then, with a mistake, she gets unleashed and she ain’t getting back in that box”.

4) Hulk Speaks

top five reasons to watch Thor Ragnarok

We must admit that the Hulk has stolen all the limelight from Thor in all recently released trailers of Thor Ragnarok. Fight of gladiators was one such scene but the other one where we saw Hulk and Thor holding an actual conversation was the most surprising one for the fans. But unfortunately, we still have more than one week left to see him talking on the big screens but till now we can only say that director Waititi is going to take Marvel fans on their wildest and perhaps most colorful adventure yet. 

5) The God of Thunder

top five reasons to watch Thor Ragnarok

It would be exciting to see how Thor will get his powers back after the events of Hela beaking his Hammer. Will Odin help him to get his power back? Also, we have seen the leaked pics of Thor having his Hammer on the sets of infinity war, so is that the original hammer or the new modified one from the comics?

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