Victims Of Blue Whale Game Referred as Biological Waste

victims of blue whale game

”Blue Whale Game” A famous game which is also said to be a killer game. According to you, what do you think that how a 14 years old child wonder about death? Children who have no responsibilities, burden or stress still become victims of blue whale game.

The parents of this age group told the child about good facts rather than concentrating on bad facts, of course, parents never want to scare their own child. Most of the children are told that death is a direct ticket to heaven, joining the stars in the sky, being a star after death and shining in the night sky. After knowing these fiction or we can say myth stories, take the child’s imagination to a wondering about what would happen if I die? Since they are young and innocent they don’t really know that what they are really thinking? So it’s very important to parents that what thing should they put in their child minds.

victims of blue whale game

It’s always better to explain to the child that death is a natural life event and instead of waiting for it to occur or causing it to oneself, one could rather spend their lifetime in dealing with the positive and negative events in that they will or they are to experience.

Victims Of Blue Whale Game – ”Biological Waste” 

”Biological waste” the term that also used to call the victims of blue whale game. Blue whale application has shocked most of us. How can be someone so cruel to create an application which can take the innocents lives of the children? Now you will be more shocked after reading the this…..The creator of this application chillingly stated that he was cleansing the world of such people who he referred to as ” Biological waste”. Who is he to decide that who is worthy or not? Anyways, the term ”biological waste” has been directed to teenagers who feel that they are worthless and their existence makes a little or no difference to anyone. The blue whale app has claimed 130 lives, however, the creator states that only 17 lives were directly influenced by the game.

victims of blue whale game

The most people find it difficult to understand that what’s the reason behind the success of the game? what convince children to be the victims of blue whale game? Why innocents children follow through all the levels of torture and finally make them proceed towards the last level – SUICIDE.

The Challenges in Blue Whale Game Which Leads To Death…

Much raised question around it is, why these teenagers did not attempt to back out or quit?. The Answers is yes! some of the teenagers were successful to back out and quit. However for the rest that continued fell into a trap which ends up dead.

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