4 Best Ways To Shampoo Your Hair…Hair Care Tips

hair care tips

we are way harsh with our hair in daily routine, especially in the shower, isn’t it? we think that the way we are shampooing our hair is perfect but….  have u ever wonder your way of washing might result to hair fall.So here are some hair care tips through which you can know the best way to shampoo your hair.Let’s began with the tips:

hair care tips


Detangle Your Hair Before Stepping Into The Shower

Going to shower with tangled hair can increase your hair fall. So don’t ever think about stepping into the shower without detangling your hair. Hair is weakest when they are wet. Water swells and stretches the hair that means it can break much more easily. By detangling your hair with a comb before going into shower can decrease your hair fall.Use handmade comb.It gives shine to your hair and also makes hair stronger.

hair care tips

Apply Shampoo To Hair Roots And Works It To The Ends

Applying shampoo to the roots helps your hair to get over the oily hair. Gently apply shampoo to the roots then move your hands downwards, the same direction as the water. Rubbing hair can damage your hair so poorly that no shampoo can repair or fix it. Start shampoo at the roots and working where your hair ends reduce the knots and minimize damage.

hair care tips

Always Consider 2nd Round Of Shampoo

Giving the 2nd round of shampoo to hair makes hair more shine and oil free. Shampooing 2nd time kills the excess oil and dirt.If the bubbles don’t last up through the first wash then you must move forward to second wash. Excess oil and dirt particles kill the bubbles.Your hair isn’t fully clean if the foam doesn’t last

hair care tips

Condition Hair From The Bottom

Unlike shampoo, conditioner must be applied to the bottom of the hair, upwards. Apply conditioner to the ends of hair and then move upwards to the roots. Use a tooth comb or your fingers to comb your hair in the shower starting at the end, moving up the length.So those hair care tips can definitely help you to decrease the hair fall and make them thinner and shinier.

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