Apps that you should Uninstall Right Now, to save your Phone

Apps that you should Uninstall
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In today’s world, Android is a very popular operating system and there are millions of apps available in Play Store for Android, but not all of them are good and secure. Today I will tell you about 5 Apps that you should Uninstall Right Now to save your phone from threat and malware, So let’s get started.

5 Apps that you should Uninstall

1.) RAM Cleaners:

Apps that you should UninstallThese apps claim to save RAM, but they actually eat a lot of RAM doing that. These apps close the background processes and stay active themselves, eating up memory and battery. Also, The Apps that were killed restarts automatically, so in restarting these Apps will use your Battery.

There is no need to use these apps as the Android System is optimized enough to keep your device running smooth and fast.

2.) Clean Master (Cache Cleaner):

Apps that you should UninstallThese apps do their work as expected but you should not keep these apps installed on your phone as, while cleaning your cache files, these apps generate their own cache that may cause instability in your device.

These apps require more battery power to clean the left overs of your deleted apps. Though you can delete the cached files manually in the Android by going to Settings > Storage > and tap Cached data. At the Clear cached data prompt, hit OK.

These apps just generate money by showing you ads and doing nothing practically.

3.) Battery Savers:

Apps that you should UninstallThese are one of the biggest lies in Android, you can’t save the battery of an Android device with an app, simple science they run in the background to clear your background tasks and eat more memory than other apps. You can notice these apps want permission to run in the background, and also their widget stays on top of your notification bar, preventing Android System to actually kill the app and save battery.

Also, the New Android Versions provide Dose Mode, which actually helps a lot in saving battery. Or if you actually want to save battery you can root your device and install apps like Greenify, that will help you save a lot of juice. But uninstall these so called battery savers.

4.) Anti-Virus Apps:

Apps that you should UninstallAndroid is a Linux Based Operating System and Linux Based Operating Systems do not get affected by viruses easily (most of the cases), and Google takes care of that by allowing only genuine apps to download on Play Store. Also, Android Device Manager takes care of your device automatically.

Though you need an anti-virus app if you install apps outside Play Store, like side loading, or downloading apks, or Cracking or Hacking Games. Otherwise, you don’t need any antivirus for your Android Device. This is an Apps that you should Uninstall.

5.) The Pre-Installed Bloatware:

Apps that you should UninstallSome of the Apps that you should Uninstall first. As these apps come preinstalled on your phone when you purchase it, These apps use a lot of space on your device, it doesn’t matter that you will use it or not. They can only be removed if your device is Rooted.

The other way is to deactivate them so that they don’t eat your battery and use as less storage possible. To do this you just have to go the App Info of the unused app and hit disable.

So these were the Apps that you should Uninstall immediately, Do you think we missed something? Tell Us your thoughts in the comments below.

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