6 Major Bajaj V15 Problems, that made Precious Customers Sad

Bajaj V15 Problems

Hey, all bike lovers this post is for those who are thinking to buy the Famous Invincible INS Vikrant bike “Bajaj V15”. In this post, we are going to talk about the famous Bajaj V15 Problems which is faced by its so-called happy customers.

There are lots of Negative Aspects which may change your mind but there are also some Positive Aspects but they will not impress you to go for it as it remains standard like its else bikes.

Recently, the company has also launched Bajaj V12 with its old-fashioned Discover 125cc engine with small Front Disc brake. While the whole styling and design remain same like Bajaj V15 and is also available in same Colours.

Bajaj V15 Problems

Bajaj V15: Keeping the legacy of INS Vikrant knows about the famous ship INS Vikrant. There is no doubt that it was a true battleship and the aircraft carrier.

It was the First aircraft carrier navy ship of Indian Navy. It played a very crucial or a HERO role in the INDO-PAKISTAN War of 1971. Now the ship has been bought by the famous Indian Motorbike company Bajaj.

Bajaj decided to melt the metal ship and make it in a bike V15 for maintaining the Legacy of Warfighter ship.

Bajaj V15 Success:bajaj-v4

There is a no doubt that Bajaj V15 is a super success because more than Two lakh units of this bike have been sold out. The demand for this bike is such that it pushed Bajaj Auto Limited to grow the product by keeping other bike production silent for meeting the demand.

Bajaj V15 launched in the month March last year and in just 4 months, 1-lakh units have been sold. Bajaj is manufacturing 25,000 units per month but due to the high demand Company has decided to Increase the Manufacturing rate.

Bajaj V15 Problems:

Bajaj V15 Problems

  • It lacks the Engine Kill Switch button which other competitors equips.
  • It has very and very Uncomfortable Pillion seat.
  • Vibration control of bikes are very poor in 70- 80km/h, handle vibrated very much which made it annoying while riding.
  • The front shocker is not performing well in most of the bikes which makes noise.
  • It got 150cc engine but it doesn’t provide that many kinds of performance(Low) compared to all its 150cc rivals.
  • Even in the Top variant, it lacks Rear Disc Brake and, Rear Drum brakes don’t perform well while braking.

All the above Problems are mentioned by the Customers, personally to me.This survey was among 10 peoples who own Bajaj V15.

Bajaj V15 features:

Bajaj V

  • It is available in Four different colors: Pearl White, Ebony Black, Heroic Red, and Ocean Blue.
  • It has the combined design of Cafe Racer and Commuter which makes it apart from 150cc segment bikes way out.
  • Bajaj V15 body made it looks tougher and Headlights enhance its Monster beauty.
  • The engine sound is quite Grunt which makes it apart from its rivals.

Bajaj V15 Dimensions:

Bajaj V15 Problems

  1. Kerb Weight- 135 kg
  2. Overall Length- 2,044 mm
  3. Overall Width- 780 mm
  4. Overall Height- 1,070mm
  5. Wheelbase- 1,315 mm
  6. Ground Clearance- 165 mm
  7. Seat Height- 780 mm
  8. Fuel Capacity- 13 Litres(1.7- litre Reserve)

Bajaj V15 specifications:

Bajaj V

  • Bajaj V15 is propelled by 150(149.50cc) 4-Stroke, SOHC 2-Valve, Single Cylinder, Air -Cooled DTSi- Engine.
  • It delivers the Max Power of 11.80 bhp @ 7,500 rpm.
  • It churns the Peak Torque around 13 Nm @ 5,500 rpm.
  • It is mated to a 5- speed gearbox and gives the Bajaj V15 mileage of 57* km/L(According to ARAI).
  • Bajaj V15 Top Speed is 109 km/h.

The company has really upgraded their bike sales value by launching Bajaj V15. Bajaj is the company which is raising their name for many years because of Pulsar series which are losing their fame and demand now. Discover bikes have already fainted from the market. No doubt that Dominor 400 is a very good bike but a person can’t ride it every day from Home To Office in very harsh traffic.

Because of heavy demand of Bajaj V15 company also launched its younger brother in 125cc segment by V12 which is also getting the great response from the bikers.

This article is basically for the company who must figure out all the Bajaj V15 Problems which are faced by their precious customers. 

So, guys what do you think about the Bajaj V15 Problems did you find any problem in your V15 in this post or you can tell us also in the comment box and don’t forget to tell us the car & bike about which you want to get more information and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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