5G in India: Everything you need to know about this New Technology

5G in India: All you need to know about 5G
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5G is live and working, and soon it will take over the telecom market around the world, Mobile Network Companies like T-Mobile, AT&T already testing 5G in the USA, and will soon start rolling out it to users. But what is the future of 5G in India?

In this Article, you will get to know about everything that is happening in our country about the 5G rollout. We will update this post with new information every day, to keep you updated. That being said, let’s jump right into the article.

What is 5G and its Uses?

5G in India: All you need to know about 5G5G stands for Fifth Generation of Mobile Network Technology, which can offer, great coverage (Underground Networks) and high data speeds. How fast will 5G be, you ask? About 10-100 times faster than your 3G/4G connection, let me tell you by an example, with a 5G connection you can download 10 seasons of Friends in seconds and all of that in HD. That is how fast is 5G.

Not only that, 5G is not only about fast internet speed and coverage, it will also help in making Self Driving talk to each other, and people can stream, Super HD VR content on their VR Headsets wirelessly.

The latency of the 5G network will be very low, and for those who don’t know what latency is, Latency refers to the response time of when you click Open a Video on Youtube and when it starts playing.

5G in India: All you need to know about 5GYou may think that’s already very low these days too, yes the lag time is about 20 milliseconds nowadays with 4G networks, but with 5G networks, this lag time can be reduced to 1 millisecond. as fast as the camera flash hits you when someone clicks a picture.

With that high latency, doctors can do a surgery in India, sitting in Newyork using robotic hands. This Tech can save lives.

How does 5G Work?

5G will operate on MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output), that means more antennas, and more the antennas stronger the coverage. To make this works Tech Companies are using 4×4 MIMO, that is 4 antenna in your smartphones. Also, it will use QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) that will allow traffic to move quickly, than that of MIMO and other existing bands. Didn’t understand a word I said?

Let me Explain, You may know that in our smartphone date flow in the form of packets, and consider the flow of data packets with your current 3G/4G network as cars, but with 256QAM the data will flow in packets as size of Big Trucks, now you can re-read the above statement, you’ll understand.

5G in India: All you need to know about 5GNetwork Operator Companies will also have benefits from it, and using Network Slicing Technology, the same tower that is providing a much slower connection to someone’s 2G/3G device can offer you a much faster connection with low latency, in real time. So, the companies don’t have to install, different towers for 5G networks to work.

Difference between 4G and 5G

5G in India: All you need to know about 5G

  1. The biggest difference in 5G and 5G is the speed, 4G can offer speeds up to 1Gbps, but with 5G you can get speeds up to 10Gbps.
  2. The bandwidth of 4G and 5G also differs, 4G offers bandwidth ranging between 2Mbps-1Gbps, but with 5G you can get bandwidth greater than 1Gbps and more, as per the demand of the user.
  3. Latency, as I said above, is a factor that differentiates between the both, with 4G the latency was around 10ms. However, with 5G, the latency will be less than 1ms, that’s a big difference.
  4. The next is Mobility Speeds, 4G signals can move with a speed of 350Kmph, and the 5G signal will travel with a speed of 500Kmph.
  5. The next criteria where 4G and 5G differs is Connection Density. Connection Density is an ability to successfully deliver a message of a certain size at a certain amount of time, even in very crowded places, like Cricket stadium. The 4G network can connect up to 2000 devices per KM² whereas 5G can connect up to 1 million devices per KM². That’s a huge number!
  6. Next is Frequency Band, 4G operates between frequencies ranging from 2- 8 GHz, and 5G will operate on frequencies ranging 3-3000 GHz, more frequency ranges fewer distortions and noise, so that’s a plus.

So, these were some of the differences between 4G and 5G, now, let’s talk about 5G in India.

Which Telecomm will bring 5G in India

Now That’s an interesting question, with many telecom companies in India, who will be the first to bring 5G in India. It looks like Airtel will the one who will top.

5G in India: All you need to know about 5GAirtel even started testing of the 5G Networks in 2 Major cities, Bangalore and Kolkata, Airtel installed massive MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) devices in the city. This project is named as Project Leap, and under this project, Airtel aims to expand their Network Capability to 3 to 7 times, now Airtel users in Banglore and Kolkata can access the internet much faster

“Massive MIMO creates 3D beams both on horizontal and vertical planes towards users located within its coverage footprint. This helps in improving coverage and reducing interference across users in different beams, thereby improving signal quality (SINR) by 2-3dB. Serving multiple users by re-using same set of resource blocks (MU-MIMO) with improved signal quality helps in improving user experience, cell capacity and spectrum efficiency,”


Where Airtel is already working on providing the 5G Network in India, Indian Government is also promising that our whole nation will be equipped with 5G by the year 2020. According to the ministry of Telecomm, the 5G Network will be deployed all over India in next 3 years, followed by this statement

“We missed the opportunity to participate when the standards were being set for 3G and 4G, but don’t want to miss the 5G opportunity. Now when the standards are being set for 5G across the world, India will also participate in the process,”

-Manoj Sinha (Minister of State for Communications)

As per this plan, Government thinks that this can improve GDP of our country, and can will also create new employment and digitalizing the economy.

5G in India: All you need to know about 5GThe government already started working on this plan, and also released the consultation papers, to get feedback about 3300-3400 Mhz and 3400-3600 Mhz bands that will be used in 5G Network.

Under this plan, every Urban Location will get internet speeds around 10Gbps, and the rural areas will get a bit lower speed of 1Gbps, but it’s still fast!

Nw we have to wait and see what will the Government do next to make this plan work. Till then let us know what you think about this in the comments below, and follow us for more details on this topic in future.

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