Aditi Mittal – Indian Best Female Stand Up Comedian

best female stand up comedian

Aditi Mittal – Best female stand up comedian and the most popular Indian female comedian. She is the most gardyloo, charming, bold and energetic. One of the few women who displayed her natural and bold ability for physical comedy.

Best Female Stand Up ComedianAditi Mittal

best female stand up comedian

Glimpse Of Her Life And Experiences- Best Female Stand Up Comedian

The best female stand up comedian Says ”There’s a technique to the slap. She turned her chair to demonstrate the physics of an on-screen slap. She has been rated in the Indians top 10 comedians by the times of India. She has also featured in the top as top 30 witty, intelligent and incredibly funny Indian women to follow on Twitter. She speaks fluent English and Hindi and has comprehension in French and Spanish very well. She is graduated from  Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey and had a degree in Mass Communication and Theatre. She quit her job in New York and moved back to India.

best female stand up comedian

Best female stand up comedian said ”Months after the graduation has been difficult”.”I got a job after graduation but lost it anyway”. I turned to Bombay where I stood up as a comedian. She is also been debuted on Netflix.“The first set I ever did was for Vir Das’s ‘Hamateur Nights’ in 2010. I cracked jokes about how Punjabi my father is. I was terrible, but I’m grateful to places like BEP because they offered a consistent platform. Every person’s face difficulties in life’s but its depends on you how you deal with them. Aditi Mittal best female stand up comedian after facing difficulties in her life’s.

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A funny woman is a very dangerous thing. India audience is not always prepared for hear from women. But the confidence speaks on the stage and get respect,  Aditi has a bunch of it. Mittal said When she started doing comedy, she had elevated ideas about what it was all about — truth, and that comics must not misuse their power, be cruel and hurt those who are disenfranchised”. She shakes her head and says, that happens in comedy all the time. she chooses the topic to talk about things that are disturbing her. So that is how she is the best female stand up comedian.

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