Android 8.1 Features List: What’s Changed, Improvements and More

Android 8.1 Features
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It’s been a while since the release of Android O and we saw that there are things we can do with Android Oreo without even rooting it, like theming and modding system files. Though it feels like its the best possible upgrade to Android, it seems Google still has plans for future of Android. They recently released the Developer preview of Android 8.1 for some Nexus and Pixel Devices, with many under the hood changes and UI improvements. So, check out Android 8.1 Features below.

Android 8.1 Features and Improvements

There are many improvements and visual changes in the new Android 8.1 Oreo, but its just the Developer preview 1, and we can see some more new features in upcoming releases maybe? Till then check out the features of Android 8.1 DP1.

Changes in Settings Menu

The settings menu in Android 8.1 is changed again to get the most out of it. Now it’s like a mixture of Android Nougat and Android Oreo (8.0) with the features of both like colors from nougat and user-friendly like Android Oreo. Check out the images below for reference.

Android 8.1 FeaturesAlso, there are now new Toast Messages UI like in the image about a transparent white block with text in it. That support the System UI Color API.

System UI Changes Based on Wallpapers

So, this is the feature we saw on Pixel Launcher recently that the Quick Settings changes to Dark/Light according to the wallpaper applied. Same is now integrated to the Android 8.1 as a feature. As it was painful to some night-time users to see the bright colors of the Android UI.

So now if you use a dark wallpaper most part of the System UI will turn dark like the quick settings, app drawer, folder background, Power Button Menu, and the other UI parts will still remain as they were in white accent.

Quick Settings Goes Semi-Transparent

Android 8.1 Features

The Quick setting received a minor visual change, those are now Semi-Transparent. Now users can see what’s behind the quick settings without pulling it back up. This change is system-wide not like the White/ Dark switching based on the wallpaper like on some apps.

Android 8.1 Features a New Ester Egg

Android 8.1 Features

Now, this is a minor change but now Android Oreo seems more like oreo, the previous Easter Egg was just bunch of circles within circles. But now Google updated it to a better one. A picture of an Oreo with an Android Logo on it.

Navigation Bar Changes

Navigation Bar also got some small changes. The keys are now closer to each other and the Home, Back, and Recents icons are smaller as compared to the previous Android versions.

Android 8.1 FeaturesAlso, the Navigation bar buttons dim when they are not in use for some time.

Power Menu Revamp

Android 8.1 FeaturesPower Button Menu also got some touches, now when you long press the power button you will not get the options in a square box in the center. Now you’ll get a cleaner design and the menu will originate from the side of the screen where your Power button is. This is a good visual change, and it’s easy to use with one hand.

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Other Changes

Just like with the Pixel 2, if you’ve skipped setting up your phone, a colored notification will remind you to finish it. Also, Bluetooth battery level, which is supported on custom ROMs like LineageOS, is now officially supported in Android 8.1. The battery bar is displayed in Quick Settings.

App is running in the background” and “Drawing over other apps” notifications can now be easily disabled by the user just like any other notifications. To do so you just have to long press the notification, disable the toggle, and you are done!

So, these are some of the major changes in Android 8.1, What do you think. Which Android 8.1 Features do you like. Do let us know in the comments.

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