Google Added New Flavor to Android: Android O goes Official

Android O

Today at Google I/O 2017 Google unveiled some great things to look upon, it was mostly centered to AI and it uses, but along with that, we got our hands on with the newest Android Release: Android O.

Android O Developer Preview 2 is now available for download for Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus Player, and the Pixel C.

Features Of Android O

Android O

  • Android Go: Android Go is the Google’s way of helping you be more productive and enjoy multi-tasking tools in your everyday use. Android Go works on Tensor Flow Lite, which assists lower powered devices to keep up with the today’s demanding processes.
  • Picture In Picture: With a YouTube video playing, just tap the Home button and the video will pop into a small window that can remain on screen as you navigate other apps on your device. Or just slide the video to terminate it.
  • Notification Dots: Android O users will see a small dot that appears over top of their app icons with active notifications. Press and hold the icon with the notification dot and you’ll be able to perform various actions and view the notification without opening the app.
  • Smart Selection: We talked about this earlier as well about the Rumors about Android O, so technically it’s a smarter AI like If you select a phone number, Android will automatically suggest you to Dial, similarly if you select an Adress Android will automatically open Google Maps.
  • App Badges/ Animated Icons: App Icons will show the notification counts whenever there is a new notification, and we now also have Adaptive Icons built into Android O.

So, these are some of the New Features of the upcoming Android O, Have you tried the Developer Preview yet??? Tell us your thoughts if you did.

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