Android O Features Shows Up! Familiar Name, New Features & more

Android O

It has been almost a year when Android N launched at Google I/O 2016 now it time for Android O to debut, as Google I/O 2017 is approaching. We have some leaks which point to the new changes made to Our Beloved Android to make it more effective in day to day use. So, let’s jump in and take a look at the new features

First of all the Android O will be called as Oreo as expected, but who knows??? Wait for the official name.

Features of Android O

  • New notifications design
  • App icon badges for active notifications.
  • Picture-in-picture mode like Android TV.
  • Smart text selection floating toolbar w/ Assistant integration.
  • Restricted background activities from apps, like Chrome 57.
  • Adaptive icons [like the Calendar showing the date or the Weather app with current conditions) like Google Pixel.
  • Lots of improvements to MediaRecorder API.
  • Enterprise Related stuff.

The odd thing is the new notifications design, the released a new notification design with Android Lolipop and then improved it with Android N. But now the sources say that Google is completely redesigned the notification UI again. We have to wait and see that how the design looks.

Android O

Then the next feature that catches our eye is Icon Badges, that will show a number of notification you have on its icon, it’s irritating but useful, let’s see how they will implement it on Android O.

Smart Text Selection is a new feature that we don’t know exactly about, but sources say that this feature will make the copy and paste easy like never before. Maybe Google is planning to add Assistant into this….Who knows.

Android O

There are much more features coming up in Android O, we will get to know more in near future about the new features in details.

That’s it for now, Keep checking LikelyFad for more!

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