15+ Easy Tricks to make Android Run Faster without Root [2018]

How to Make your Android Run Faster
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You may have a Budget Smartphone which you purchased around a year ago or less, and a time comes where you start feeling that this phone is starting lagging, I know this feeling I used to feel the same some years ago when I got my First Android Smartphone.

As I didn’t have money at that time to buy a new powerful smartphone. So I decided to dig about How to Make Android Run Faster without Root and after some research, I found some tricks that helped to solve my issue, and today I will share those Tips with you.

You may know some of these tricks or maybe all, but I tried to include all the tricks I tried, and are available in this article so jump right into know more.

How to make your Android Run Faster without Root

So, first things first, I divided this article for Rooted Users and Non-Rooted users. As there are many readers who don’t know how to Root their Devices.

To know more about Rooting head over to XDA they will give you the best info about it!

So Let’s start off with Non-Rooted Users, to check the guide for rooted users there is the link at the end of the post.

Non Root Methods

How to Make Android Run Faster without Root is the question, most people ask and you may know that smartphones today are not built for Long-term usages. So, check out some easy tips you can do right now to increase the speed of your devices.

1) Free Up Some Space

The speed of your device mostly depends upon two factors that you can control i.e. The Storage and RAM. More the Storage and RAM more the speed. For this I suggest you to install ES File Explorer from Play Store and follow these steps

Step 1: Open ES File ExplorerHow to make Android Run Faster- Likelyfad

Step 2: Swipe from Left Side you’ll see a Submenu. Then in Tools section click on SD Card Analyst.How to make Android Run Faster- Likelyfad

Step 3: Let it run through your system, after that, you’ll see the list like given in the image below and you can check which Folder or File is consuming your storage and can delete if you don’t want itHow to make Android Run Faster- Likelyfad

2) How to Make Android Faster with Developer Options

You may know the what is Developer Option in Android, so ill not waste time Explaining that.

You can simply do it following these commands

Settings>>About Phone>>Build Number>> Tap that 7 Times>> You can now see Developer options in your Settings now.

So, in Developer options scroll down till you see the options like Animations. When you see stop there and check, All the animations would be 1x. As in the Image Below.

How to make Android Run Faster- Likelyfad

You have to click on all 3 of them one by one and turn off the animations, Refer the image below.

How to make Android Run Faster- Likelyfad

By Doing this you can see some minor change in speed of your device.

3) Install Go Versions of Popular Google Apps

How to Make Android Run Faster without Root - Android Go appsGoogle launched Android Go recently and also, released their Go versions of the Popular Google Apps like Google App, Maps, Youtube, and more, installing them can save you a lot of space.

As the original ones take a lot of space and memory. The go versions of the apps are small and yet provide the same function.

4) Uninstall Unused Apps

This can be the reason of your Slow, phone most of the people install an app that they use one or Twice, and those apps make their smartphone slow and they consume Battery by running in the background.

Also, there are some preinstall apps comes with your smartphone when you purchased it. You cant delete them without Rooting our device but. What you can Do it disable it.

Just Follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Go to Settings>>Apps

Step 2: Click the 3 Dot Menu and Tick Show System Apps

Step 3: Navigate through the Apps you don’t need, Click it.

Step 4: Force Stop the App, Clear its data (if there) and click Disable.

You will not see that app anymore on your device, and some space will be released.

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5) Clear App Cache

How to Make your Android Run FasterCache is a virtual Memory which stores the instructions passed by the CPU to the RAM to execute, but when the app closes some of the instructions remains in the Cache.

Maybe the above phrase was gone over your head, but it simple terms this means cache memories are the waste, clearing them will not harm you.

If you read the above link about the Apps to uninstall, you should know that these types of Apps harm your device, but using them sometimes is okay. I suggest you to install cache cleaner app when you want to clean your cache and delete it immediately as your work is finished.

By Doing this you don’t have to manually delete the cache by going to the settings of every App.

But If you still prefer to do that manually, remember what I told you about the Disabling of apps??? where to go to disable the app…..go recall it from above then read below.

From the app setting, if you scroll down you can see something like Clear Data and Clear Cache, you have to click Clear Cache, and that’s it. But you have to do it for every single app on your phone.

There is also a way to do it via Android Settings. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to Settings>>StorageHow to make Android Run Faster- Likelyfad

Step 2: Let it load your Storage Data then click on Cached Data

How to make Android Run Faster- Likelyfad

Step 3: Click Clear Cached Data.How to make Android Run Faster- Likelyfad

and you are done!

6) Disable Auto Sync

How to Make your Android Run FasterAnother thing that can mess with that will speed up your android phone is Turning off Auto Sync.

Auto Sync is a service that runs in the background and syncs all your messages (Whatsapp, FB, Hike, WeChat etc) and your Emails as soon as they come.

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But this process consumes a lot of your Phone’s Battery and Memory. So turning it off can save you some Juice and speed up your android phone.

To turn off Auto Sync follow the instructions below

Setting>>Accounts>>Click 3 Dots Menu and Untick the Auto Sync

With this turned off you will not get notified about emails and messages instantly, but you’ll get them once you open the app.

7) Try an Android Launcher App

How to Make your Android Run FasterNow, with this tip, you can make your phone faster and have some extra features as well. Having a 3rd Party launcher like Nova Launcher (Personal Choice), Action Launcher, Lawnchair Launcher, will not increase your device’s speed but they will make you feel, that your phone is bit fast.

8) Background Process Limit

How to Make your Android Run FasterNow another way to make your phone fast using Developer option, it’s an option that you will find in developer options (it is usually at the end).

With this you can set that how many processes you want to run in the background, you can have up to 4. By setting this to 3-4 you will see a significant change in our device’s speed.

9) Don’t Use Widgets and Live Wallpapers

Most people use custom widgets, for work and they don’t know that with widgets on your home screen, the parent app of the widgets you have, keep running in the background, to update the data in the widgets time to time.

Eventually taking more RAM, and making your device slow. Same is with the Live wallpapers, they take RAM, and also eats your Smartphone’s  Battery.

So, I will suggest you, do not use live wallpapers and avoid using widgets where you can.

10) Stay Updated

Another thing to keep in mind, that you should not ignore that annoying toggle on your device, which says “New Software Update is Available”.

I know Android is generous that it allows you to dismiss those notifications, unlike other OEM *coughs* Apple *coughs* which force you to update to the latest version.

But, jokes aside update will not make your device slow, unless you use an iPhone, this was the last I promise ;D these update helps your device to support the latest apps better.

As you are updating the apps on your device and not device itself, that will cause issues, so update your device regularly.

11) Prevent Apps to Start on Reboot

Now, to there are many apps like Facebook and Messenger that starts whenever the phone boots up, and they occupy the RAM when the phone starts, and the phone lags, but you can shut them off by using this app.

it allows you to disable the app you don’t want to get started when the phone boots up. Check out the app from the link below.

Startup Manager

12) Switch Runtime (Android 4.4 and above)

This is the setting that was introduced with the launch of Android 5.0, Dalvick Runtime was a bit outdated, and ART (Android Runtime) was made so that it can improve performance and battery life of the device.

To set your device to Android Runtime, go to

Settings>>Developer Options>>Select Runtime>>ART>>Reboot

its that easy, after, doing that you will feel the difference.

13) Don’t Keep Activities

How to Make your Android Run FasterAnother Developer Option way, as I mentioned above about the process limits, this option helps you further, by killing the app, you are not using.

How does it work? let me tell you.

It’s just when you exit an app but it doesn’t get killed, or keep running in the background, like Whatsapp, Facebook, this option instantly closes the app, when you hit the back button.

14) Restrict Data Usage

How to Make your Android Run FasterThere are many apps that consume your data speed, in the background, for example, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. that takes up your 1GB daily limit, hey there if you are a Jio user.

So, what to do?

just limit your background data use, that will eventually make your smartphone run faster, and save you a lot of data.

15) Perform a Factory Reset

This is the last thing you can do if all of the above tips and tricks are not working for you, by doing this your smartphone will wipe out everything in it. Make sure you check that you have to Wipe internal storage or not, it’s up to you.

So these were 15 Easy Tips to Speed Up Android Phone without Rooting.

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