Bad News for Apple Fans: Now you can’t Jailbreak your iPhone


Apple is rolling out and update for iPhone 5, iPad Air, iPod Touch 6th gen and devices released later. Apple updated their iOS to version 10.3. If you already updated your device, you may notice it took longer than before to complete the installation process. It’s because Apple added some new little tweaks to iOS 10.3 like Find My Airpods, App Store Developer Response. But the main thing that Apple changed is their file system which restricts Jailbreak!!!

Apple File System that replaces the Hierarchical File System that’s been around for many an Apple device since 1986. Its spec was designed for data transfer through floppy disks and hard disks, not spiffy solid state disks. Now Reads and writes through APFS will be quicker than with the updated HFS+ standard and will allow for a little more storage per disk based on new algorithms.

I think you got it! No, Ok Let me explain it in simple English,

Apple updated their file system so that they can speed up their processes in their iPhones. And it simply means RIP Jailbreak!


Jailbreak is a hack expanding the realm of iPhone and iPad users by making some exploits available, Jailbreak is available till iOS 10.2.

The jailbreak was developed by Luca Todesco, developer, known as @qwertyuiopz on twitter wrote…

So, what do you think of this update, are you happy with no more Jailbreaking? Do you like Jailbreaking….Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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