Asus Zenfone 3 Max VS Vivo V5: Battle of the Over Price Smartphones

Asus Zenfone 3 Max VS Vivo V5
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Asus Zenfone 3 Max (ZC553KL) was launched back in December 2016. The main Highlight of the smartphone is its 4,100 mAh Battery. The Design of the smartphone is impressive, the in-hand feel of the device is great, it felt like a premium device, but after checking out the specs and price….

Vivo V5 the Selfie Expert as we all know and saw in the Advertisements, the Front Camera of the device is actually Great and the device feels like an iPhone!!! (I use iLauncher in it, FuntouchOS is totally clone of iOS). This Device is also priced high at 17,980Rs, check out the specs of both the devices.

Specs Comparison

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  • 5.5-inch Full HD Display, 2.5D Curved Glass
  • 1.4 GHz Octa Core Snapdragon 430 Processor
  • Adreno 505 GPU
  • 3GB RAM
  • 16GB Internal Storage, Expandable via MicroSD
  • 16MP Rear Camera with PDAF
  • 8MP Front Camera
  • 4,100mAh Battery
  • Zen UI, Android 6.0.1
  • 151.4 x 76.2 x 8.3 mm, 175 g

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  • 5.5-inch Full HD IPS Display
  • 64-Bit Octa-Core MediaTek 6750 Processor
  • 4GB RAM
  • 32GB Internal Storage Expandable up to 128GB
  • 3,000mAh Battery
  • 13MP Rear Camera with PDAF
  • 20MP Front Camera with MoonLight Glow (New name for Front Flash)
  • Funtouch OS 2.6 (based on Android 6.0)
  • 153.8mm x 75.5mm x 7.55mm, 154g

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The specs of both the devices are entry level, but the UI pretty much handles all the tasks, but if you are a Gamer, these devices are not for you, Zenfone 3 Max may help you a bit with its Battery Backup and with slightly better performance, but still these two devices are not built for gaming.


The display is an important aspect of a smartphone and these two smartphones have decent displays, Asus Zenfone 3 Max have a 1080p Display whereas Vivo V5 have a 720p Display. Check out how the displays perform below.

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Asus Zenfone 3 Max VS Vivo V5

Asus Zenfone 3 Max have a better display in terms of pixels and also the in terms of pixel count it has a pixel density of 401ppi which results in a vivid and crisp display. Design and display are the two highlights of this smartphone apart from the 4,100mAh Battery.


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Asus Zenfone 3 Max VS Vivo V5

Vivo V5 doesn’t have a better display on paper but the color reproduction of the camera and the optimized Funtouch OS gets the job done, The display suffers a bit in direct sunlight but it’s easily viewable and readable.

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The camera is the essence of Vivo V5 the front cam of Vivo V5 is just Great, it’s the selling point of the device. Whereas the Zenfone 3 Max the Rear Cam of the device is good, pictures come out to be great. Check out the review and camera samples below.

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It’s the Selfie expert, selfies come great on this smartphone, colors are vibrant you can see every detail in the shots, accurate colors, exposures, saturation and contrast levels. Overall a great Selfie Experience. Whereas the Rear cam is not so great, it does a great job when clicked in natural lights (under the Sun), but in artificial lighting, it suffers, there are noise in pictures, sometimes over saturated….. (in comparison to Zenfone 3 Max) otherwise this camera is also good for regular photography.

[/tab][/tab]p>[tab t[tab title=”Asus Zenfone 3 Max (ZC553KL)”]p>Zenfone 3 Max has a 16MP Rear Camera, with PDAF, the pictures come out to be great, with mostly accurate contrast and, saturation levels. This camera suffers a lot in low light, though. Front camera have an 8MP sensor and it is good, but the pictures come out to be over saturated and Sharp…a lot sharp, but it’s a great Front camera when tweaked according to your needs. Check out some Camera Samples here.

[/tab][/tab]/tabs[/tabs]h2>Battery Life

Clearly, Asus Zenfone 3 Max is the winner of this section, but there are something to keep in mind about both the phones, read on to know more.
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Zenfone 3 Max has a 4,100mAh cell which provides a great battery backup while playing games and doing multitasking, you can also charge other devices with this smartphone via an OTG Cable (Provided in Box). The battery is 4,100mAh though but it didn’t provide the backup as expected from it. I was only able to get around 5-6 hours of Screen on time from the Zenfone 3 Max, while the other competitor smartphones like Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 easily get around 6-8 hours of SOT. I think it’s a software issue that can be fixed via an update. so I hope Asus will soon roll out an update, optimizing the battery and maybe an Android Update to Nougat!!!

[/tab][/tab]p>[tab t[tab title=”Vivo V5"]p>Though it has a 3,00mAh cell but the battery backup in this smartphone is great, the Funtouch OS is optimized for better battery performance. I easily got 4-5 hours of Screen on Time on Vivo V5, with some heavy usage and gaming.


Both are running Android Marshmallow with their own custom UI on top. Both UIs have their own special features, check them out below.

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Asus Zen UI is better optimized for fast and smooth performance rather than battery life, even though it’s rocking a Snapdragon 430 Processor, I didn’t face any major lags in my Day to Day usage, Games were also playable, some with min graphics and some with the medium. Heavy Games like NOVA 3, Asphalt 8 lags when played at High Graphics.

The Zen UI is clean and easy to use for an average person, it’s built on stock android with some custom optimizations, which comes in handy, like Double tap screen to put the device to sleep was a handy feature. There are many other features which come in handy in day to day tasks.


They are working on a new OS update (Funtouch OS 3.0), in which they made it more iOS like and more optimized and colorful, and they finally got a recents screen, check out the teaser below.


Asus Zenfone 3 Max VS Vivo V5

So, I feel like both the phones are good n their own fields, Vivo V5 performs well in camera Department and Zenfone 3 Max does a great job in Battery and Design Section. But I think both the phones are a little overpriced as per their specs are the concern. You can get a fairly better deal with better specs and less price, but otherwise, the smartphones are great, I personally liked Zenfone 3 a little because of its design and stability. Vivo V5 is an only a high-end camera in a low-end smartphone. So, my vote is for Asus Zenfone 3 Max if you are willing to buy one of these smartphones.

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