Zenfone Live: Go Live looking even Beautiful than you are!

Zenfone Live

Social media is constantly changing and has steadily evolved into an extremely powerful platform for communication, the mode which has swiftly progressed from text to imagery. Keeping this in mind, if they say a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is the entire novel, with live streaming becoming the next big thing. Right from brands, to celebrities, to consumers, ‘Live’ videos are fast gaining popularity.But most people don’t prefer to go live on their social media handles, just because they don’t look nice in in live videos. So, considering that fact ASUS brings us the solution, Zenfone Live, a smartphone that is designed to make you look beautiful in a live vedio.

Check out the steps to go live beautifully

Look beautiful while you go live

Everyone wants to look their best, more so when you’re publishing a video. With no room for editing during a ‘Live’, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube, ensuring that everything is perfect becomes vital. ASUS Zenfone Live is the first smartphone with a live beautification feature for video streaming. Integrated with the smartphone’s selfie camera, the BeautyLive app ensures the perfect ‘Live’ experience in real time in extremely easy steps!

Let the light guide your way

Zenfone Live

Lighting can make or break a video. Under or over exposure can dissuade your viewers from consuming your content because the overall quality is not attractive enough. ASUS Zenfone Live addresses this issue right at the start. It’s super large 1.4µm pixel size sensor improves its sensitivity to light by up to 200% making it the perfect equipment to shoot brighter-looking photos in low light situations. It also has a soft-light LED sel¬fie flash so that your face will be perfectly and gently lit no matter how dark it gets!

Hang-up your editing boots

Zenfone Live

How often have you had to re-touch your content for better presentation? A lot, you say? Well, Zenfone Live’s beautification Selfie is your self-service digital beauty stylist equipped to take your photos/videos’ attractiveness a notch higher. The Beautification selfie photo mode allows you to balance facial features, soften complexions and enhance the quality of the video to create flawless captures.

Don’t make audio the second fiddle

Zenfone Live

The true quality of a video can be enjoyed when there is an equally capable audio to support it. ASUS Zenfone Live have super loud ‘Five-Magnet’ speaker which uses a set of five extremely strong magnets to make your songs and videos sound louder and clearer than ever. Besides this, the smartphone is also equipped with two highly sensitive MEMS microphones, expertly tuned, and precisely positioned to reduce noise and ensure that your voice is heard. This smartphone boasts of DTS Headphone’s X support that enables you to experience music and content in high-quality 7.1 channel virtual surround sound.

Heavy weight battery

Zenfone Live

Last but not the least, for you to avail the above-mentioned benefits, it is highly important to have a smartphone backed by a powerful battery. No one wants to see a low battery sign in the middle of a live video. Zenfone Live with its strong battery, allows you to talk for 24 hours non-stop. This allows users to make more memories and merrily capture moments without having to stop to charge your phone. This Smartphone has 2,650mAh Battery.

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