Forget Fingerprint, Face ID, soon you can authenticate using Blood Pressure

samsung authenticate using Blood pressure
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You all are familiar with fingerprint scanners, and Face ID, but what if we say you can soon authenticate using your Blood Pressure. Sounds odd? it’s not. Samsung recently filed a patent of a user authentication system that relies on the measurement of blood pressure.

The theory is to read the data and compile it in a waveform, that must be matched with the authenticating application. Though the physical representation of the sensors will be something that we are familiar with like the back of the phone like we saw with Samsung’s heart rate sensor, and on the back case of a smartwatch.

samsung authenticate using Blood pressureThe next question that arises is how will the sensor manage to authenticate when there is a spike or a low in blood pressure. According to Samsung standard deviations and algorithms will take account for diastolic and systolic peaks.

Though with all the algorithms, this sensor cannot be 100% accurate, it may have to set a threshold value to unlock or authenticate.

Though we don’t know that what Samsung is up to with this tech in hand, maybe they are just adding it as a health scanner like the heart rate scanner. Or they think that fingerprint scanners, Face ID, retina scanners are not that good. who knows?

We have to wait and see what Samsung is cooking for their future smartphones. Till then let us know what are your thoughts about this tech to Authenticate using Blood Pressure.

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