Avengers 4 Theory : What will happen in Avengers 4

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So, Avengers Infinity War was fun, but for fanboys like me, it was quite stressful. After Watching Infinity war over 5 times, the only question that came to my mind is, what will happen in Avengers 4? So I started thinking, building links to the backstories and finding logic, and I came up with my own Avengers 4 Theory. Let’s get Started.

NOTE: Read it Patiently, this is going to be long but Meaningful (It was to Me).

Spoilers Warning

If you care about the suspense then stop here, and read the article linked below instead, otherwise, hop in for a crazy ride.

14 Characters Who can Defeat Thanos (Infinity War Updated)

So, just after infinity war ends the story starts…

Avengers 4 Theory

Avengers 4 Theory So, we see the OG Avengers are still with us, with some extras, and Captain Marvel, but in my theory, there is no main need for captain marvel.

So, Avengers are traumatized by Thanos, they lost their teammates, now they have something to Avenge, mainly Ironman (Because of Spiderman). Somehow Nebula manages to get to Earth along with Tony.

The Team Unites and mourns for their loss, and then maybe we get to see someone (Agent Coulson?) who lets Tony know that there is something that your Father made, that may help us fighting Thanos.

Avengers 4 Theory The Ironman 3 Storyline begins, where Tony gets to know that “Dead from past 70 years, Still teaching me Stuff”. The thing that may help to Kill Thanos is Arsenal.

Now, I know you are Probably thinking that this cant happens but read further. I promise it will make sense.

Why Arsenal?

Avengers 4 Theory Remember Captain America: The First Avenger, there Steve Rogers bought the Grenade Hydra made using the power of Space Stone aka Tesseract. When he was testing what’s in the grenade “What this stuff is all about”, then it blasts.

Avengers 4 Theory Now, Howard Stark was Curious enough to find out why that tine thing created that much energy, and the person who can make Flying Car Prototype, can test out why that’s happening.

Avengers 4 Theory Also, we found out the space stone Teleported Redskull to ‘Volmir’ that is its power, now what if, Howard Stark managed to learn how the space stone was doing it, like Zola did.

and then he programmed that into a robot that he was making for tony as his birthday present, The Arsenal.

Now you may think then why not Tony is not having it? (Read Along it all connects!)

Now, a thing to notice they didn’t show us what happened after the plane crashed along with Captain America.

What I assume is that, after Blowing Hydra Up, Hydra had a contingency plan, to blow up a bomb, that can destroy, a city. Now which bomb it can be? Nuke? probably but I am going with Gamma Bomb, through Nuclear Bomb also emits Gamma Radiation.

You can go with whatever you like.

Howard and its Team Got to know about that bomb and they were unable to diffuse it, so he sent Arsenal to contain the energy of the bomb when it explodes.

Now, Arsenal is there containing the energy, and now the Avengers get to him, and Banner goes in Voluntarily and absorbs all the radiation so that Avengers can use Arsenal.

Avengers 4 Theory With that excess Gamma Radiation, Hulk has to come out…and that problem is done. Now we have a Hulk.

After getting Arsenal, Tony experiments on him and check, that how can arsenal contain the energy.

Avengers 4 Theory Along with this, Thor and Captain Marvel, joined forces to Find Thanos. After finding Thanos they fight him, but loose. They cant use Arsenal yet because he can absorb the power of 1 Infinity Stone (Space Stone).

To get the reading of all the other stone, Avengers, use Thanos’s EGO as their weapon. Then what happened?, Consider Watching this Comic Episode below.

We can clearly see how easily Arsenal Defeats Thanos, But here we needed all the Avengers because every Avenger has the power to counter 1 Infinity Stone.

And finally Avengers saves the day again, and then Wong helps Avengers using Time Stone and gets everyone back as they were.

So, I know I might be wrong, as we also seen some Set Pictures with 2012 Avengers Battle, but maybe that is a flashback or something.

Avengers 4 Theory Possibly what Screenrant calls a Fake Avengers 4 Set Pictures, or its just an Alternate Dimension, where Antman took Tony to get something, who knows.

So, Whats your take on the events in Avengers 4? What about this Avengers 4 Theory? Does it make sense to you?

Or do you have something else in mind, probably a modification? Do let me know in the comments below!

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