Avengers Infinity War Trailer Breakdown, All Spoilers and Ester Eggs you missed!

Avengers infinity War Trailer Breakdown
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Finally, the wait is over as the most awaited trailer of Avengers Infinity War has been released and with this trailer, the battle to save the universe has also begun. Marvel Cinematic Universe unveiled this trailer on their twitter account. The trailer gave us the glimpse of the biggest villain in MCU ‘Thanos’. In case you missed something in the trailer here we bring you the Avengers Infinity War Trailer Breakdown.

Avengers Infinity War Trailer Breakdown

Avengers infinity War Trailer BreakdownThis over 2-minutes trailer opens with Tony Stark and later we see Bruce Banner lying in front of Doctor Strange this scene is followed by the events of Thor Ragnarok (Post Credit Scenes) where we saw Thor, Loki, and Dr. Bruce in a big spaceship and as soon as they started their journey to the earth they get collided with something dark and Massive. According to us the ship in which they were traveling actually belongs to Thanos and this opening scene belongs the events after Thanos threw them out of the spaceship.

Avengers infinity War Trailer BreakdownAfter that, we see Scarlett Witch romancing with Vision but here’s a twist have you noticed this changed appearance of Vision? How’s that possible? Well, we will have to wait for the movie to know the reason behind but to see him like is really very shocking. Isn’t it?

Avengers infinity War Trailer BreakdownNext, we see Thor, standing inside Guardian’s ship, watching something gets blowing up, maybe that’s his ship, will all the Asgardians and Thanos killed all of them for the space stone.

Avengers infinity War Trailer BreakdownNext, We see Black Widow talking with Bruce Banner who can be seen preparing for the upcoming battle with Thanos. He is also repairing the Hulk Buster that got destroyed in the events of Avengers 2. Also, a thing to notice is he is doing all this in Wakanda, that means tony and black panther are friends now, and maybe we can see some special addition in Hulkbuster (Vibranium).

Avengers infinity War Trailer BreakdownIn the next scene, we see Doctor Strange, Wong, Bruce Banner, Tony Stark in Doctor Strange’s residence when they encounter the chaos outside. Doctor Strange may have called Tony to let him know that they have Bruce Banner.

Avengers infinity War Trailer BreakdownThen we see Tony going outside to look what happened, this scene is in a continuity of the previous scene.

Avengers infinity War Trailer BreakdownIn the next scene, we see, Peter Parker (Spiderman) in his college bus, and his spider sense is tingling as he saw a big device (Maybe?) floating in the air. Maybe its the passage of Thanos’s Army and the Black Order.

Avengers infinity War Trailer BreakdownWe see Doctor Strange, Wong, Bruce Banner, Tony Stark again on the streets, and the look on Tony’s face clearly says that something is wrong, maybe he saw the Black Order Coming???

Avengers infinity War Trailer BreakdownAfter that the main thing that allowed Thanos to reach earth, We see many dead bodies lying around (Probably Asgardians) and Loki giving the Tessaract aka Space Stone to somebody….Thanos obviously.

Avengers infinity War Trailer BreakdownThen we finally see Thanos coming to Earth via a portal using space stone, with a killer look in his eyes and an egoistic smile.

Avengers infinity War Trailer BreakdownThen we see spiderman trying to stop the big device from earth and

Avengers infinity War Trailer Breakdownit looks like Thor is doing the same, but from a different end (space) like the first avenger.

Avengers infinity War Trailer BreakdownThen we see the Proxima Midnight and Captain America, fighting, and scarlet witch looks happy seeing him. Maybe captain denied to fight at first, but then he joins the fight saving his team.

We have a full analysis of extended clip of the fight here between New Avengers and Proxima Midnight

Avengers infinity War Trailer BreakdownThen we hear Black Panther’s voice saying “Evacuate the City, Engage all Defences and get this man a Shield” a funny kind of sequence here, he is probably talking about Captain America, as he was last seen in Wakanda (end credits-Civil War). Then we finally see the new look of Captain America.

Avengers infinity War Trailer BreakdownAfter this sequence, the real fight begins, we see hulk buster, Black widow with a sphere, probably killing Proxima Midnight.

Avengers infinity War Trailer BreakdownThen we see Captain America and Black Panther in action in Wakanda, fighting Thanos’s army. But the thing if found strange is why Thanos’s army is attacking Wakanda, people got a theory about that. Maybe Black Panther has the soul stone, as seen in the trailer of Black Panther, its shown that the character has some connection to a spiritual realm where he communes with the “Panther Gods” and draws the power the Black Panther. Maybe he uses the Soul Stone to summon the Panther God. Let’s see that if its true or not, Black Panther is releasing before Infinity War in February 2018.

Avengers infinity War Trailer BreakdownThen we see Spiderman in the Iron Spider Suit getting his ass kicked by Thanos himself, and then a shot of tony stark with the same background, maybe this is the scene from the leaked comic con trailer where Spiderman says sorry to Tony.

Avengers infinity War Trailer BreakdownAfter that we see vision beaten and someone keeping a foot on him, what I think is its Corvus Glaive he is a member of Black Order and beside her is his wife Proxima midnight, as per comics they are considered as the right hand of Thanos.

Avengers infinity War Trailer BreakdownThey try to pop out the mind stone out of Vison’s head, is guess this sequence is in continuity with the fight between Avengers and Proxima Midnight.

Avengers infinity War Trailer BreakdownThen we see Thanos fitting the space stone in the Gauntlet, and notice that there are only two stones, Space Stone (via Loki) and Power Stone (means Xander=Destroyed) that means this scene is from early part of the movie or, the Black Order was not able to gather all the stones and Thanos had to do this himself.

Avengers infinity War Trailer BreakdownThen we see Tony’s new costume and he got his ass kicked by Thanos with one powerful punch in the face….POW!!! Knock-Out… I am looking forward to the revenge by tony!!!

Avengers infinity War Trailer BreakdownThen the scene of war in Wakanda, here you can see Hulkbuster in Action, and later in the trailer, we see Hulk along with other Avengers in Wakanda. So an action-packed scene is coming.

Avengers infinity War Trailer BreakdownHere we see the Avengers defending Wakanda from Thanos’s army, probably saving the soul stone, we can see Hulk, Captain America, Falcon, War Machine, Black Widow, Winter Soldier and Nakia (Black Panther’s assassin) along with Wakandan Army.

Avengers infinity War Trailer BreakdownAnd the final scene of Thor with the Guardians asking “Who the hell are You guys” (Intro Time). However, we may not see Guardians till the end of the movie as they have other scenes with collector and thor.

So these were all the Easter Eggs we spotted in the trailer, What do you think of the Trailer, let us know if we missed anything in the comments below.

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