UPDATE: New Footage, Avengers Infinity War Trailer Leak

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A few days before Likelyfad brought the leaked screenshots from the Avengers Infinity War Trailer leak that was well received by you guys and since then the readers have been eagerly waiting for the real trailer to be released. So here we have the good news for you, no the trailer is still not out but a 1-minute audioless video has been released that gives a brief idea of how the actual trailer may look like.

This leaked video contains all those moments that we have discussed in the post below. The videos introduce us another mysterious character who could be seen fighting with Proxima Midnight. Read the post below to know who is Proxima Midnight and other new characters in this video.

The actual trailer is expected to arrive on 4th December. So guys don’t forget to follow this post as we will be providing all the updates of Avengers Infinity War on this same post.

Original Post:

Months after the rumored Avengers Infinity war trailer leak from 2017’s summer comic-con and D-23 expo a few screenshots that are said to be stills from Infinity War has been getting viral on the internet.

Avengers Infinity War Trailer Leak

Avengers Infinity war trailer leak


Avengers Infinity war trailer leak

A mysterious Reddit user shared these screenshots on his account and promised to release more images in the upcoming hours. These screenshots feature many known and unknown marvel characters that surprised everyone who has been eagerly waiting to watch the first glimpse of the film.

Avengers Infinity war trailer leak

The screenshots show wounded and worried Scarlet Witch while it features a whole new avatar of Captain America who could be seen in the War-Zone along with Black Widow and Falcon. But the picture that grabbed everyone’s attention is Falcon Kicking an Unknown character.

Avengers Infinity war trailer leak

Actually, this new character is none other then Proxima Midnight and she is the daughter of Mad Titan Thanos. She is the member of Thanos’s deadly Black Order who could be seen as helping Thanos to collect all the Infinity Stones. Apart from that, Drax from Guardians of The Galaxy also features in the still.

Avengers Infinity war trailer leak

Avengers Infinity war trailer leakThe above picture is Collector’s vault or the display area, and its destroyed, maybe by Proxima Midnight or any other member of Thanos’s family, this place has to be destroyed, as the ether aka Reality Stone was there. If you remember the end credit scene of Thor-2, the ether( Power Stone) was given to collector to keep it safe.

Avengers Infinity war trailer leak

Here are some more destruction scenes from the action Sequences where Scarlet Witch(maybe) is fighting with Proxima Midnight and in the next pic (below) we can see a character who somewhat looks like Doctor Strange. Maybe he has interfered in the fight to teleport his fellow Avenger at any safe place knowing that Proxima Midnight is too powerful for them.

Avengers Infinity war trailer leak

But when after editing this picture we get to see that is Scarlet Witch in the front fighting or maybe saving someone (WHO?). What do you think who is it? tell us in the comments below.

Like this place is destroyed, There will be more places too, like Xandar as they have Power stone, it’ll be nice to see how will Thanos get all the Infinity Stones.

The thing that is needed to be concluded here is that someone has the full leaked trailer of Avengers: Infinity War and it is bound to come out very soon. Keep an eye on this space to get the latest updates and our social channels!

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