Baleno car price achieved Two lakh happy customers

Maruti car prices

Recently, Maruti has achieved milestone by selling more than 51,000 2017 Dzire. Now, the company has achieved another milestone by selling more than 2- lakh Maruti Suzuki Baleno. Yes, you are reading right Baleno car price offers lots of high class features in budget. It seems like Maruti Suzuki is the only car Maker brand which is ruling the Indian car market. It’s been only 20 months from it’s launch. The car has also made a record of getting 1- lakh happy customers in less than a year.

Baleno car price

On this achievement, R S Kalsi, executive director, sales and marketing, Maruti Suzuki, said that Baleno was developed to meet the evolving demands of global customers. He further added that not only has the Baleno set new benchmarks in design and technology, it has also received a great response in India as well as several international markets.

Recently, the company has launched new variant Baleno RS at the price of INR 8.69- lakh (Ex-showroom,Delhi). Baleno was launched in October, 2015 and according to the average it got more than 10,000 customers in a month.

It is an honour for all of us (Indians) that Baleno is the Maruti’s first car which is made in India and is exported to other countries even in Japan.

Baleno specifications:

Baleno car price

  • It is powered by 1.3- litre DDiS diesel engine which delivers 74 bhp @ 4,000 rpm.
  • It churns the Torque around 190 Nm @ 2,000 rpm.
  • It is also powered by 1.2- litre VVT engine which delivers 83.1 bhp @ 6,000 rpm.
  • It churns the Torque around 115 Nm @ 4,000 rpm.
  • It is available in both Manual & Automatic Transmission.

Baleno car price ranges from 5.28- lakh to 8.44- lakh 9EX-showroom, Delhi).

Baleno RS specifications:

Baleno car price

  • It is powered by 1.0- litre, 12V Boosterjet petrol engine.
  • It delivers the Max Power of 100 bhp @ 5,500 rpm.
  • It churns the Torque around 150 Nm @ 1,750-4,500 rpm.
  • It is equipped with 5- speed Manual gearbox.
  • It is only available in Petrol variant.

Baleno car price:

Baleno car price ranges from 5.28- lakh to 8.44- lakh (EX-showroom, Delhi).

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