Bast Panther God: All movie references, powers and back story

Bast Panther God
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All of you have heard the name ‘Bast’ in the Marvel movies and especially in the recently released movie Black Panther. But who is he and what’s his role in the MCU is still a mystery for many. this character Bas is actually the God of Wakanda people who is more commonly known as ‘Panther God’. So, in this post, we are going to tell guys about Bast Panther God, his powers and of course, his backstory.

Backstory of Bast

The Bast is an Egyptian Goddess connected with the Sun. Earlier she was depicted as a lioness and later on as a domestic cat in Egypt. This Marvel’s character Bast is loosely based on the same goddess.

In MCU comics Bast was worshiped as a panther god, who grants power to her worshipers and followers. This god has both male and female forms. The children of Bast became human using the magical Eye of Bast gem until it got theft.


Bast Panther God

History of Wakanda with Panther God

In Egypt, Bast was worshiped as a goddess of pleasure, dancing, and music. This cat headed god and her sibling Lion headed Sekhmet are the children of Egypt god Shu and Tefnut.

Panther God protected the men of Egypt from deadly diseases, evil spirits. An unidentified sorcerer created the Claw for Bast and it became a  powerful artifact of Bast to restore the sick or dead, it also empowered its wielder.

But she lost it after being used in a fight where she defeated the Sphinx (another MCU character).


Movie reference of Bast Panther God

After the attack on King T’Challa in the Captain America: Civil War, there was a huge outrage in the country of Wakanda. Shuri the sister of T’Challa and Princess of the Wakanda, appears for judgment in front of Bast Panther God, hoping that she would be accepted by her and will become worthy of taking the mantle of Black Panther.

But The Panther God found that Shuri is not worthy to take the mantle because of her greediness for entitlement and arrogance. She was jealous of her brother’s accomplishments as the Black Panther. So, her dreams of ruling the Wakanda gets shattered with Bast’s judgment.

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