Best iPhone 8 Plus alternatives you can buy, which are Cheaper and Better

best iphone 8 Plus Alternatives
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Apple Finally unveiled the most anticipated iPhones after plenty of leaks and dummies, we are here with the 3 new iPhones, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. The prices how ever are the highest we got till now, not everyone can afford it. So, we made a list of Best iPhone 8 Plus Alternatives that you can buy. Let’s get started.

Best iPhone 8 Plus Alternatives

OnePlus 5: (₹32,999)

Oneplus 5Oneplus 5 the Flagship Killer is the best phone available in the market right now which can match the performance of the new iPhone 8 Plus. It’s having 6GB or 8GB of RAM, top of the line Snapdragon 835 Processor, 20MP+12MP Dual Camera. Also, it have the similar design as the iPhone, so you will feel like you are holding an iPhone, *Pun Intended*.

Honor 8 Pro: (₹25,999)

Best Smartphone under 30000RsThis phone is the best rival of the Oneplus 5, in some cases, it beats the Oneplus 5, like in the camera department, the camera in this device is much better than that of OnePlus 5. It’s Powered by 2.3 GHz Octa-core Hisilicon Kirin 950, which is not as powerful as the Snapdragon 835 present in Oneplus 5, also it has 4GB RAM 2GB Less than the Oneplus 5. Though this smartphone will still feel the same in terms of performance as the software (EMUI) present in the device is optimized very well. Check out more details about Honor 8

Oneplus 3T: (₹27,999)

OnePlus 3TOld phone but still it can compete with some flagships today. Oneplus 3T powered by Snapdragon 821 processor, and 6GB RAM, which is more than enough to beat its current rivals. THe reviews of Oneplus 3T are so good that some YouTubers advised to no to upgrade to Oneplus 5 unless you need the Dual Cameras in your life. Performance wise this phone is still capable to run through a year easily.

Google Pixel XL (₹48,250)

Google PixelNow let’s move the budget up a little, you can consider it as a great Smartphone as this one is Made by Google. Google Pixel XL is powered by Snapdragon 821 Processor coupled up with 4GB RAM, and Google own Android Software, the best thing about the device is that it will get the latest Android Updates when released. This is one of the Best iPhone 8 Plus Alternatives you can buy

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 (₹32,000-₹35,000)

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 India LaunchThe all new Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is launched by Xiaomi on 11th September and will launch soon in India. This device is powered by Snapdragon 835 processor and comes with an option of 6GB or 8GB of RAM, this device will give you a feel of having an iPhone X at a budget Price.

So, these were our picks for the Best iPhone 8 Plus Alternatives, there are much more like Galaxy S8, LG G6, also Samsung Galaxy Note 8 but they are not, what we call a budget device, though the Google Pixel, is also not a Budget Device but it’s worth mentioning, it’s good.

Do tell us what you think about this list in the comments below.

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