10 Best Pakistani Singers, Who Had Been Gifted With A Melodious Voice

Pakistan has always been home to some of the greatest musicians around the globe. The country has produced many singing legends like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Bade Ghulam Ali, Mehdi Hassan and many more. Here is our follow up list for Best Pakistani Singers of all time.

1) Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Best Pakistani Singers

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan popularly known as ‘Shahenshah-e-Qawwali’ was renowned as one of the greatest Qawwali singers of all time. Nusrat Sahab had an extraordinary range of voice and could perform at very high intensity for a long time. Surprisingly, his father wanted him to become a doctor as he felt that qawwali singers had low social status.

2) Mehdi Hasan Khan

Best Pakistani Singers

Mehdi Hasan Ali Khan, popularly known as ‘Shahanshah-e-Ghazal’ is one of the most influential figures in the history of Ghazal singing. He had widely contributed in Lollywood. Mehdi Hasan is also credited for bringing Ghazal singing to the worldwide audience. But the path to success was not that easy for him. He had to work as a mechanic to earn the livelihood for his family but he never let his love for music to die and eventually he went to become one of the most noted playback singers of Pakistan.

3) Bade Ghulam Ali Khan

Best Pakistani Singers

Ustad Bade Ali Khan was a Hindustani classical vocalist from Patiala Gharana. The unparalleled flexibility and versatility in his voice were the two main specialties of his singing. Ustad Bade Ali Khan is also regarded as the ‘Tansen’ of the 20th century. Though his singing career lasted for few years but even in that short period of time he successfully created a specialized niche for himself.

4) Amanat Ali Khan

Best Pakistani Singers

Amanat Ali Khan is the legendary Pakistani classical singer known for his exceptional contribution to Hindustani classical music. He got famous at a very tender age with his mehfil performances. Amanat Ali Khan was the grandson of Ali Baksh the founder of Patiala Gharana and he became famous in the whole South Asia as a representative of Patiala Gharana.

5) Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Best Pakistani Singers

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, nephew of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, is no less talented than his uncle. Like his uncle, he is also a renowned Sufi-Qawwali singer. Being from the family of musicians Rahat’s initial training came from his uncle and father. Rahat is one of the most respected singers in Bollywood and greatly admired for his Sufi voice. Songs like O Re Piya, Man Ki Lagan, and Jiya Dharak Dharak are some of his most popular songs in Bollywood.

6) Ghulam Ali

Best Pakistani Singers

Ustad Ghulam Ali Khan also belongs to Patiala Gharana and he was the disciple of one of the most prominent singers of Pakistan Bade Ghulam Ali Khan. Ghulam Ali’s name was given by his father who was a big fan of Bade Ghulam Ali. Ghulam is considered as one of the greatest Ghazal singers of his era. Some of his noted Ghazals are Chupke Chupke Raat Din, Kal Chaudhvin Ki Raat Thi, Hungama Hai Kyon Barpa, Kiya Hai Pyar Jisé. Many of his famous Ghazals have also been used in Bollywood.

7) Abida Parveen

Best Pakistani Singers

Abida Parveen is also known as ‘the queen of Sufi Music’. This Pakistani Sufi musician is among the highest paid musicians of Pakistan. Adiba has also been designated as the ‘Peace Ambassador’ by SAARC. She is also referred as one of the world’s greatest mystic singers.

8) Atif Aslam

Best Pakistani Singers

Atif Aslam is the most loved Pakistani singer in India. The winner of ‘Tamgha-e-Imtiaz’ which is the fourth highest decoration given in Pakistan, Atif is no less than a superstar in our country. Surprisingly music was not his first love and initially, he wanted to become a cricketer but the destiny has its own plans and he went on and formed a band known as ‘Jal’. He shot a music video ‘Aadat’ in a warehouse and within a few weeks, he became the new singing sensation of Pakistan.


9) Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan

Best Pakistani Singers

Shafaqat Amanat Ali Khan, son of Amanat Ali Khan is Pakistani Classical singer who has given his voice in many chartbuster Bollywood songs. Awarded by President’s ‘Pride of Performance’ award, Shafaqat primarily came to limelight for being the former lead vocalist of Pakistani Band ‘Fuzon’. Shafaqat is the ninth generation of Patiala Gharana. Songs like Mitwa, Ye Hosla, Aankhon Ke Sagar are some of his most popular Bollywood songs.

10) Reshma

Best Pakistani Singers

Reshma was a very popular Pakistani folk singer best known for her bold singing voice. Reshma’s talent was discovered at the age of 12 by a local producer. She rose to fame after her very first project ‘Laal Meri’ and soon she became a well-known TV personality in Pakistan. Later in her career, she also went to work for both Bollywood and Lollywood. Some of her most memorable songs are Hai O Rabba Nahion Lagda Dil Mera”, “Ankhiyan No Rehen De” and “Lambi Judai”.

11) Arif Lohar 

Best Pakistani Singers

Arif Lohar is a Pakistani folk singer who was awarded by ‘Pride of Performance’ Award by the Government of Pakistan the highest civil award in Pakistan. He mostly sings accompanied by a musical instrument known as ‘Chimta’. Arif has performed in more than 50 foreign tours that also comprises one of his greatest performance that he performed in North Korea for the late President Kim Jong-il as part of an international delegation of peace and goodwill.

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