Best Smartphones of 2018 yet, and Why are they Best!

Best Smartphones of 2018
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Its been almost 5 months of 2018 and we already seen some of the greatest inventions in the History of the smartphones, and we will see more in coming days and years. But today we will talk about the Best Smartphones of 2018 that changed the game in every segment.

Best Smartphones of 2018

Now before starting, the thing you should know is these are the first of its kind smartphones, and their launch made other companies push their limits, which is good, and we saw innovations in each part of the smartphone, like Display, Camera etc.

iPhone X

Best Smartphones of 2018That’s true, the first has to be the iPhone X as this smartphone was the reason why we are seeing a lot of Full View Displays around us, there were Bezel-less concepts, long before the iPhone X was launched, but Apple Launching the iPhone X was the best thing they could possibly do. Now, our smartphones are much beautiful than before.

Galaxy S9/ S9 Plus

Best Smartphones of 2018This was also one of the most anticipated smartphones of all, this smartphone changed the way we see smartphone cameras. They Reimagined the Camera and by that, we got the World’s First Dual Aperture Camera System in a Smartphone.

What does it mean? It simply means that Galaxy S9 can allow more light to enter the sensor whenever we choose the Large Aperture, and we can get some Amazing Night Time photos from this phone.

Also, with 960FPS Slow Motion video Technology, this is one of the best camera smartphones out there.

Huawei P20 Pro

Best Smartphones of 2018Talking about the Camera, Huawei is the king, with a partnership with Leica they made a beautiful yet powerful smartphone, with 3 Cameras on the back. One of them being 40MP which is ColorSensor, 20MP Monochrome Sensor, 8MP Telephoto Lens. Which makes a great Trio and deliver amazing Pictures and Zoom.

This smartphone is also equipped with AI capabilities which means that this smartphone can judge the scene you are shooting the picture of and can adjust the setting accordingly, to get you the best shot.

With this Technology, we can see something even better in near Future!

Oneplus 5T

Best Smartphones of 2018If you liked the smartphones above, but don’t want to spend entire your monthly salary on then, this smartphone is for you. This smartphone was made keeping in mind that it provides the best features and specs possible, with a fairly low price tag.

Though the cost of Oneplus’s Smartphones is going up with every launch. I am Glad they only launch 2 smartphones a year, unlike Samsung 😀

Redmi Note 5 Pro

Best Smartphones of 2018Now, if you don’t have the budget to buy all of the above smartphones, don’t get sad there is still something for you. Xiaomi is one of the best Smartphone makers, they make all types of smartphones, but they specialize in the Budget segment, and this is another great example of that. Redmi Note 5 Pro is one of the Best Smartphones of 2018 as it packs the latest processor plenty of RAM, Dual Cameras, and Full view display, all in a budget Price.

But there is a smartphone which beats Redmi Note 5 Pro, want to check it out, Click the Link below to know about it

The smartphone that beats Redmi Note 5

So, what do you think about these Best Smartphones of 2018, do you have any of them, how was your Experience so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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