Bollywood Movies that got nominated for Oscars

We all know that Indian cinema is one of the oldest and largest film industry in the world. A big part of Indian cinema belongs to Bollywood and no Doubt that today Bollywood has established itself as one of the leading film industries in the world. Manny of its movies has been nominated or won prestigious awards around the globe. But when we talk about Academy awards or most commonly Oscars, unfortunately, we do not have too many names to talk about. Though India has submitted many of its best movies for the Oscars but only three movies have been nominated for this biggest film awards. Let’s take a brief look at the Bollywood movies that got nominated for Oscars.

Bollywood movies that got nominated for Oscars

1) Mother India (1957)

Bollywood movies that got nominated for Oscars

It was the first Indian Movie that was submitted for the prestigious Oscar Awards in the category of ‘Best Foreign Language Film’. Starring Nargis, Sunil Dutt and Rajendra Kumar in lead roles this movie brought a new revolution in Indian cinema.Mehboob Khan directed this one of the most expensive movies of its time lost Oscars to Italian film Nights of Cabiria by just one vote.

2) Salaam Bombay (1988)

Bollywood movies that got nominated for Oscars

The second nomination for Oscars came almost after 30 years. Salam Bombay is based on the life of street kids in the red light area and their survival. Before getting nominated for Oscars the movie went on to win many awards including National Film awards and Golden Awards at Cannes film festival.

3) Lagaan (2004)

Bollywood movies that got nominated for Oscars

This movie is all time favorite of most of the Indians as every second of it was filled with patriotism and reminded us of the struggle that our forefathers made to get this freedom. Lagaan won all of the major awards of the year of its release including National Film Awards.

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