7 Books to Read before you lose Virginity

Books to Read before you lose Virginity
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Today in this post we’ll talk about 7 Books to Read before you lose Virginity.


This is a story of a young girl Katherine, the main character who fell in love with Michael at the age of 17. A teenage Love story of a couple who are so Hormone-driven that they don’t even understand each other but plan to have sex.

Books to Read before you lose Virginity
Forever: Books to Read before you lose Virginity

So when Michael says “I Love you n wanna have sex with you” after 5 minutes of dating, Katherine says yes (being afraid of losing him, that was the only choice). But soon they realize that was lust not real love and splits there way, but somehow the first experience for Katherine remains special.


This is a “full-of-fun” story which revolves around a 16 years old girl, Jessica who has very irritating and strict parents.  Her life became hell when her best friend, Hope moves from Pineville, New Jersey.

Books to Read before you lose Virginity
Sloppy Firsts: Books to Read before you lose Virginity

So when she thought there is no fun in life after departure from hope, she gets attracted towards Marcus Flutie.

This one is a hilarious and fun-filled journey of newly blossomed love.


If you don’t like a long book, can’t read the same story for hours, this book might help you. “Losing It” is a collection of short stories covering every aspect of SEX and LOVE.

Books to Read before you lose Virginity
Losing It: Books to Read before you lose Virginity

There are so many plots and different character telling their struggle before losing “IT”. Here different journeys are covered.  Sculptor Eric Gill describes his journey from childhood to adulthood, how a young welsh officer experiences that “love is the most beautiful thing” and other plots.

This book is an attempt to show that teenage literature, hitherto often somewhat evasive, can also play a useful role when it comes to imparting felt knowledge rather than surface knowledge.


A story of a girl, Aki is a 15 years old black girl with a theory in her mind about sex. A theory of he own as she realizes that she is a bisexual.

Books to Read before you lose Virginity
Our Private Universe: Books to Read before you lose Virginity

Although she has dated only boys till now as she figured it out that she is bisexual, she also wanted to date a girl, as this was her concept of an interesting life where you think less and live more. Except for Aki, her white best friend, Lori also knows her secret.

In summer holidays, they go to a church camp where Lori is excited to meet new boys, Aki was looking for a girl to tail. Their journey to find their dates is must read a story for all those who like flings more than relationships.


This novel focuses closely on one couple’s romantic and sexual relationship without opening a window.

Books to Read before you lose Virginity
On Chisel Beach: Books to read before you lose Virginity.

This novel features a naive couple Edward and Florence who get married and came to a hotel on the Dorset coast for there honeymoon. As both of them were virgins, they were nervous for their first night. Florence was beyond nervous, she was petrified and had misconceptions regarding sex as she was a victim of child abuse.

This is about a “Much-in-Love” couple who ended up being divorced as they had different mindset regarding sex.

6) Fallen Too Far: By Abbi Glines

This is a Story of a 24 years old guy “Rush Finlay” who got attracted towards his Stepfather’s innocent and naive daughter, “Blaire Wynn”. She is the only thing that has ever been off limits. His famous father’s guilt money, his mother’s desperation to win his love, and his charm are the three reasons he has never been told no.

Books to Read before you lose Virginity
Fallen Too Far: Books to Read before you lose Virginity

On the other hand, Blaire Wynn is innocent and unknown from the culture due to spending last three years taking care of her mother. But soon after her mother passed away, she left her small farmhouse in Albama to move in with her father and his new wife at their beach house in Florida gulf coast.
There she meet her sexy stepbrother “Rush”. Soon her father left her with her brother for summers and went to Paris along with his wife. Rush was as spoiled as he is sexy. He was also under her skin. Blaire knew he will never be faithful and has secrets blaire may never uncover but still “Blaire may have Fallen too Far”.


7) Perfect Chemistry: By Simone Elkeles

A perfect “Opposite attracts ” tale. A twisted love story of a Sophisticated Girl  and a Bad Boys from other side of the town.

Books to Read before you lose Virginity
Perfect Chemistry: Books to Read before you lose Virginity.

So when Brittany Ellis, on her first day of senior year, walk into chemistry class without any clue about her new journey. She was forced to be lab partner with ” Alex Fuentes” who is a gang member and comes from the dark corner of the town. Alex on the other hand is a bad boy and he knew this. So when he makes a bet with his friend to lure brittany, he only thought to win the bet but soon he realizes that brittany is a real person with real issues and started feel for her.

In this novel Simone Elkeles breaks the stereotypes and barriers that threaten brittany and Alex apart.

So, these were some Books to Read before you lose Virginity. Don’t forget to comment and share.

Have a Great day ahead.

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