How can you buy Oneplus 6 before Launch? or Win One?

Oneplus 6
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As you all know, OnePlus 6 is coming soon in the market, and this phone is being speculated that it will be better than Apple’s iPhone and how it will beat the rest of the phones.

There are many people who want to buy OnePlus 6 but it will only be available after the launch of May 17.

Also, it will be available only on Amazon after the launch, and after weeks, it may get available via offline stores.

Oneplus 6But if you want to buy Oneplus 6 even before the launch, then Oneplus is giving you a chance.

OnePlus keeps doing popup events for their phone, and this time people who come on popup can purchase OnePlus 6 before the rest of the world.

And a gift can also be taken home, maybe another plus 6, or more!

Oneplus 6So, now just open the OnePlus website and see where a popup event is happening around you.

So are you excited about OnePlus 6? Will you buy a Oneplus 6 at the popup? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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