How Captain Marvel Powers makes her the strongest Avenger ever

Since watching the end credit scenes of Avengers: Infinity War where we got the first hint of Captain Marvel’s entry into the MCU all Marvel fans are eagerly waiting to know who is Captain Marvel and is she capable enough to help Avengers and the whole universe to win this battle against mighty Thanos? So here we bring you guys the list of Captain Marvel Powers and skills that you guys will be surprised to know about.

List of Captain Marvel Powers

1) Healing/Regeneration

captain marvel powers

Why Captain Marvel is so tough to beat is because of ability to regenerate. Not exactly like Deadpool or Wolverine but she can heal herself from almost any lesion or wound.

In the Marvel comics, she has even come unharmed out of a nuclear attack. In addition to that, she has the ability to split herself up into many parts and then reconstitute as well.

2) Super Energy Blasts

captain marvel powers

Energy Blasts are one of the primary powers of Captain Marvel that she uses against her enemies. Unlike Iron Man’s uni-beam blasts Captain Marvel posses the photon blasts which are made up of cosmic energy. The source of such powerful energy blasts is her own DNA and she can even control the intensity of these energy blasts.

3) Cosmic Awareness

captain marvel powers

Now, this is a unique ability of Ms. Marvel that no other fellow Avenger posses. She can foresee the future events which help her to combat against her enemies by reading their minds and predicting their moves.

Using the Cosmic awareness she can also know all the possible outcomes of her actions even before executing them just like how Dr. Strange did it in Avengers: Infinity War.

4) Binary

captain marvel powers

Just like Goku’s Super-Saiyan mode our Captain Marvel also has an ultimate mode which is called Binary.  This mode enables her to use her powers and abilities at the maximum extent. In the normal form, she can easily get exerted only in few hours while fighting her enemies but this binary mode increases her stamina as well and she can continue her fights even for more than a day.

But this mode has its own drawbacks as well. Ms. Marvel has to exert all her power to become binary and this causes a depletion in her powers when she comes back to normal form. But still, this is one of the Best Captain Marvel Powers.

5) Kinetic energy

captain marvel powers

We have already seen how Black Panther defeated Kill-Monger using the Kinetic energy but he got these powers through his hi-tech suit while Captain Marvel naturally possesses this power. She accepts the energy from any object thrown to her and then transforms it in any desired energies like heat blasts, electric shocks, and radiations. So, anyone hitting her with punches or bullets actually increases her powers.

She can save a very high amount of kinetic energy in her body and she has also been compared with a nuclear weapon.

6) Speed and Agility

captain marvel powers

Not exactly like the QuickSilver or Flash but Captain Marvel has also been known for her great reflexes and speed. Her binary mode enables her to reach the speed of light.

According to the comics, she has ‘once dodged a bullet shot from point-blank range’. This power allows her to sense the danger around her and respond to it soo quickly. But even in her normal form, she is very unlikely to lose in a hand to hand battle.

7) Superhuman Powers

captain marvel powers

Come-on every superhero have some superpowers what’s new here? Exactly, but Ms. Marvel has such superpowers that need to be specifically mentioned here. For instance, Once in Marvel Comics, she pushed the weight of 92 tons and that too in her normal form.

According to many Marvel enthusiasts, Captain Marvel is going to be the most powerful character in MCU who will be able to give a real fight to the mighty Thanos and can even kill him.

We have already discussed how she can amplify her powers in Binary Mode which enables her to such things that are literally impossible for any superhero that we have seen so far in Marvel’s movies.

8) Space Travel

captain marvel powers

No one except Thor is capable Space Travel as it is quite difficult to survive in Vaccum. So it is certainly a unique Captain Marvel power that she posses and it allows her to battle her enemies even outside the orbit of the earth.

9) Invulnerability

captain marvel powers

Captain Marvel actually Posses the DNA of Kree. (scientifically and technologically advanced alien race). This means her body has some modifications like high-density bones and tough skin which allows her to escape unharmed from most of the physical attacks.

She can easily survive in extreme temperatures and diseases have no effect on her.

10) Teleportation

captain marvel powers

Once in a fight against Villian Yon-Rogg, Captain Marvel needed some special powers to defeat him. A Marvel God gave her the power of Teleportation to defeat this enemy. But these new powers were not easy to handle for her but somehow she managed to defeat Yon-Rogg. Seeing her bravery Marvel god allowed her to keep these powers permanently.

This power gives her an extra edge over all other Marvel Superheroes and allows her to teleport anywhere in the universe.

So, guys these were some of the Captain Marvel Powers, now we have to see how many of these will the MCU version of her will have.

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