Next Marvel villains after Thanos

Top 10 most probable next Marvel villains after Thanos

Thanos has already wiped half of the universe most of our superheroes are dead and the fate of rest of them is yet to...

Top ten patriotic films to watch on this Independence Day

Republic Day is around the corner and we know that movies are the best way to remember the glorious past of our country. So...
captain marvel powers

How Captain Marvel Powers makes her the strongest Avenger ever

'Captain Marvel once dodged a bullet shot from point-blank range' Check Out More Captain Marvel powers and skills that makes her the most powerful Avenger of all time
Things you don't Know about Venom Movie,

8 Things you don’t Know about Venom Movie! [Big Surprises]

The third trailer for Marvel's much-awaited film 'Venom' has been released and this trailer has left us with so many questions like What is...
Unknown facts about Shazam

Top 10 Unknown facts about Shazam aka Captain Marvel

DC Extend Universe has been facing very hard times, again and again, they had failed to deliver the kind of movies that fans have...

Avengers 4 Theory : What will happen in Avengers 4

So, Avengers Infinity War was fun, but for fanboys like me, it was quite stressful. After Watching Infinity war over 5 times, the only question that...

Best Free Solarmovie Alternatives to watch HD Movies

Solarmovie is easily the best free movie download sites that you people may find on the internet today. The best thing about this site...
Thanos MCU Origin

Why Marvel changed Thanos MCU origin story for Infinity war?

The most awaited film of this year Avengers Infinity War is out now and its breaking all the records. As we know that the Thanos...
Best horror movies

Best horror movies of all time that you can’t watch alone

Horror movies have always been one of the most favorite movie genres of all of us. Recall those fearful experience of watching these horror...
Upcoming Movies of Akshay Kumar

List of Upcoming movies of Akshay Kumar in 2018-19

We often debate about who is the biggest star in Bollywood. Of course, many of us will say that the KHANS are currently the...

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