8 Facts about April Fools Day, that No One Told You Before!

The Goofs's Day i.e., April Fools day is one of the stupidest yet fun-filled and lighthearted day of the year. We love to make fun of other and also became a reason for laughter for others. In short, we love to play pranks. But today I m going to tell you 8 Facts about April Fools Day. 1) How it Started:Although...

7 Books to Read before you lose Virginity

Books to Read before you lose Virginity
Today in this post we’ll talk about 7 Books to Read before you lose Virginity. 1) FOREVER : BY JUDY BLUME This is a story of a young girl Katherine, the main character who fell in love with Michael at the age of 17. A teenage Love story of a couple who are so Hormone-driven that they don’t even understand each other but plan...

How to Apply to Move to Candela Italy, & get 1.6 Lakhs to stay there.

How to Apply to Move to Candela Italy
Have you ever thought of moving to a less populated and a beautiful town? Does living in a town of Italy sounds appealing to you? So here is "Once-in-a-Lifetime" opportunity. So pack your bags cause Candela, Italy is offering 1.6 Lakhs along with permanent citizenship. So How to apply to move to Candela Italy?Candela, Italy  is a "picture perfect" idyllic town,...

6 Things That Turn Guys Off…Girls, You Should Know About

things that turn guys off
Is dating is not easy at all? There are so many questions that occur in mind when you date someone. Questions like How much of yourself should you reveal? How long can you keep up being your best self? How honest should you be? keeps rotating in our mind. Girls got very much attract in the relationship. And sometimes they didn't...

Suffering From Hair Fall Try These Best Hair Oils That Can Help..

best hair oils
Do you remember your mom's telling you to oil your hair for good and fast hair growth and to prevent hair loss? Well! your mom was absolutely right about applying best hair oils. Oiling hair is the virtual part of hair care routine which you should do twice a week. Oiling your hair deals with dandruff, dryness, split ends, breakage, and...

3 Best Work From Home Jobs For Housewives To Earn From Home.

work from home jobs for housewives
There are many work options for housewife's to earn money from home. Every woman needs to full fill her need by their own. Now ladies! you can work right from the comfort of your home at the same time. You can enjoy your comfort and work at the same place. The work I am gonna discuss in this article...

5 Tips for Healthy Relationship – How To Make A Relation Work

how to make a relation work
LOVE a strong feeling of affection. Love is when you give all of your self to someone who is more important and precious in your life. Whom you don't want to leave whatever it cost. When all you want is to spend your life with the person and make them your other-half. But if you are in a relationship, trust me...

How To Celebrate Independence Day Without Getting Bore At Home

how to celebrate independence day
National Holiday! National Holiday! National holiday! I get so happy whenever there is a holiday. A free day for me where I can relax, chill, enjoy with friends and so much more things which I wonder to do. So today I will share with you guys that how I celebrate independence day every year. Every year is not the...

The Challenges in Blue Whale Game Which Leads To Death…

challenges in blue whale game
Have You heard about the game that can take your life away and force to give up on your life? Yeah, that's true 'The Blue Whale Game'. People have died by completing the challenges in the blue whale game. This game makes people do activities that involve harm to themselves and end up committing suicide. Now you must be...

How To Lose Weight Easily Just – 5 Ways To Lose Weight

how to lose weight easily
There are many ways to lose weight but today I am gonna Share about the 5 easy ways to implement in your life and you can actually lose weight. We often come to wonder that how to lose weight easily and fast isn't it? You can reduce weight by applying these ways in your daily life. So let's move...

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