8 Facts about April Fools Day, that No One Told You Before!

The Goofs's Day i.e., April Fools day is one of the stupidest yet fun-filled and lighthearted day of the year. We love to make fun of other and also became a reason for laughter for others. In short, we love to play pranks. But today I m going to tell you 8 Facts about April Fools Day. 1) How it Started: Although...

How to Apply to Move to Candela Italy, & get 1.6 Lakhs to stay there.

How to Apply to Move to Candela Italy
Have you ever thought of moving to a less populated and a beautiful town? Does living in a town of Italy sounds appealing to you? So here is "Once-in-a-Lifetime" opportunity. So pack your bags cause Candela, Italy is offering 1.6 Lakhs along with permanent citizenship. So How to apply to move to Candela Italy? Candela, Italy  is a "picture perfect" idyllic town,...

6 Things That Turn Guys Off…Girls, You Should Know About

things that turn guys off
Is dating is not easy at all? There are so many questions that occur in mind when you date someone. Questions like How much of yourself should you reveal? How long can you keep up being your best self? How honest should you be? keeps rotating in our mind. Girls got very much attract in the relationship. And sometimes they didn't...

How To Lose Weight Easily Just – 5 Ways To Lose Weight

how to lose weight easily
There are many ways to lose weight but today I am gonna Share about the 5 easy ways to implement in your life and you can actually lose weight. We often come to wonder that how to lose weight easily and fast isn't it? You can reduce weight by applying these ways in your daily life. So let's move...

Depression Is Much More Than Sadness – How To Cure Depression

how to cure depression
There are so many emotions that we faced in our day to day life. In a day we experience more than 20 emotions. Some emotions are not very extreme but some of them are intense. Sometimes intense emotions drain our energy and make it more difficult to get on with life. You might often search for How to Cure Depression but...

Drinking Alcohol Can Be Beneficial -Benefits Of Drinking Alcohol

benefits of drinking alcohol
Have you ever wonder that intake of alcohol can be beneficial for you health? Well, moderate alcohol has a positive benefit (but it's not risk-free). As we know that healthy diet and exercise can prevent sickness and makes your body healthy. On the other hand, consumption of moderate alcohol can also improve health and leads to a longer life...

Essential Facts About Drinking Water- Benefits of Drinking water

benefits of drinking water
No other soft drink can decrease thirst than water. You must have heard about drinking water is beneficial to health. But I am sure that you never focused on...How? So here I am telling you about some Benefits of drinking water. Whenever you went outside you would have been taking a water bottle along with you, isn't it? Of course yes, because...

5 Beautiful Restaurants in Delhi Where You Can Both Shop And Eat

restaurants in Delhi.
Who doesn't love food? Who doesn't love shopping? And what if they both can be done simultaneously. Isn't it so lovely to hear that it's possible? Yes, of course, it is possible. There are some Restaurants in Delhi where you can have the best of both worlds. It's totally a good news for shopaholics and foodies to rejoice in some...

Problems with sleeping late, Things You Need To Know..

problems with sleeping late
You must have heard about a common saying - '' Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise''. This is absolutely true if you want to be healthy, wealthy and wise you must have a proper schedule. To reduce the problems with sleeping late you must have a proper schedule. Proper schedule leads...

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