Cheaper iPhone in 2017: Apple joins Make in India

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Remember last year when Tim Cook visited India, he wanted to set up official Apple Outlets here but the government rejected his offer because Apple doesn’t manufacture iPhone and other devices here. So Tim Cook decided to start a manufacturing unit in India.

In an interview he said

Apple sees a “Huge Market Potential” for its products in India and that it is really “Putting Energy” in the Country

As a result, Apple is starting a manufacturing unit here in Banglore, India. The production unit will start in April 2017. So, we can expect cheaper iPhones till the end of the year, and official Apple stores across the country.

In that case, we can also see the concept of Refurbished iPhones selling across the country, which was denied earlier by the Indian Government.


The manufacture of iPhones in our country will considerably bring down costs of duties and taxes and will allow Apple to sell their products at competitive prices which will be around Rs. 10,000-15,000 cheaper. So, people waiting for the iPhone 8, so that the price of iPhone 6 goes down, your wait is over. Now you can buy iPhone 7 when the iPhone 8 releases…just kidding…

But what do you guys think, will this decision of Apple will raise the iPhone sale in India??? Tell us your thoughts in the comment below.

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