Choose Your Shampoo Accoding To Hair type

hair type

Having the right shampoo and condition to match your hair type is a little bit difficult, isn’t it?Every woman spends some time to visit in parlors just to get their hair dressed. Before every function or party, we iron our hair to make them look beautiful.

Don’t you think that hair make our personality more gorgeous and attractive? Yes, of course, they do. So it’s very important to know your hair type and according to that, you choose your shampoo. You may sometimes get confused to choose that shampoo which suits you the best or in fact, by using such shampoos which don’t  match your hair type can surely damage your hair and it may also create split ends. We all are so much concerned with our hair. you have surely tried many treatments, isn’t it? To maintain the shine and volume of your hair you must know about your hair type.

People with oily hair can use clear shampoo because they are light weighted and less heavy than creamy ones. creamy shampoos are heavier and can weight down your fine hair.but if you have dry and damaged hair you must go for creamy ones. so here are some hair type and kind of shampoo you should look for:-

Oily Or Fine Hair 

hair type

Fine and oily hair are a bit difficult to manage and style because they get wispy. If you are having oily or fine hair you must look out for clear or volumizing shampoo. These shampoos will give your oily hair a volume.Conditioner weighs hair down and makes it thinner so avoid conditioning. If you have oily hair you must wash your hair after 2 or 3 days.I will not recommend you to wash your hair every day cuz it just tends to hair fall. Wash your hair properly.

Dry Or Damaged Hair 

hair type

If your hair is dry and damaged, you must need to moisturize and hydrate your hair.Oil your hair properly so that it can reach your scalp properly.You can also heat up your oil before using. warm oil will reach scalp easily. clear shampoo will not work here, you must look for rich shampoos. It will cleanse your hair. As dry and damaged hair needs to be moisturized, a well moisturizing conditioner should be applied after shampoo from the roots of the hair to the ends.

Color-Treated Hair

hair type

If your hair has been colored. you must need a shampoo that caters the treatment and makes your hair look as fresh as possible. you can use color protecting shampoos. These shampoos must contain fewer harsh cleansers and prevent fading. It will help your hair to restore the shine of your hair.

Coarse Hair 

hair type

you may be wondering what is coarse hair? coarse hair is the driest of all hair kinds. For coarse hair, it’s best to use creamy shampoo and give super hydration to your hair. Coconut, macadamia nut oil and shea butter will work best for this hair type.Since this type of hair is extremely dry, you want an extra moisturizing conditioner.

If you choose shampoo according to your hair type.Your hair will defiantly gonna look shiner and gorgeous.So first find out your hair type and then go for any shampoo.

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