Comio S1 Lite Review: Budget Phone with a Budget Price!

Comio S1 Lite Review
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Comio, an Indian Smartphone brand which is focusing on Indian youth with their budget smartphones, launched their new Handset S1 Lite a while back ago, featuring a 13MP Rear Camera and 8MP Front Camera with Front Flash. We used this device for almost 2 Weeks and I took this smartphone on a trip to Rajasthan, India and today I am gonna share my Reviews on it, in this Comio S1 Lite Review.

The Review is divided into 5 categories and in the conclusion, I will share that for which age group this smartphone is suitable for. So let’s get started.

Just to note the price of this smartphone is 7,499Rs and we will talk according to the price of this smartphone


Comio S1 Lite ReviewFirst things First, the display of this smartphone is decent, it was fairly visible in the direct sunlight (in Rajasthan), but in other conditions the display is good, its fairly bright, the colors pop out, and the viewing angles are good too.

Though while viewing photos I saw that the color in the images are oversaturated sometimes (depends on the image), but we cant expect more from a smartphone at this price.


Comio S1 Lite ReviewComio S1 Lite is running on Comio UI 2.0, on top of Android 7.0 Nougat, and it will get an Android update as soon the chip manufacturer will roll out the update, that’s what they said.

The Comio UI is a heavy skin, as it contains some cool animations which seems great in daily use, like the cleaner icon in the desktop, when you press that icon, it animates like its vacuuming all the stuff and after that we see, a burst of light which looks cool, there are more animations like these in the UI, which do look cool, but I guess they can slow down the device.

Though I never experience a lag or freeze while navigating the UI, as of now, but there was lag, and we will talk about that in the next section.


The Comio S1 Lite is powered by a 1.3 GHz MediaTek MTK 6737 processor, which is not the best one out there, not event in the budget segment, but it can handle the normal tasks a user required.

Comio S1 Lite ReviewDon’t expect that you can play games on it, if you can then only with minimum resolution graphics, even then you can get some lag. I tried playing Marvel Contest Of Champions (My Favourite), and it’s not a very heavy game, but still, it lagged sometimes in the gameplay and resulted in my defeat… 🙁

Never mind moving ahead this device handles most of the basic applications with ease, like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twiter etc. but it starts to slow down when some graphics power is required, in apps like snapchat.

Despite having 2GB of RAM, it manages to handle multitasking fairly well, switching between apps while working is snappy when using Chrome, Facebook, Reddit, Whatsapp etc. Though you can experience some minor lags when you are playing games.


Comio S1 Lite ReviewNow, this is the USP of the device, a 13MP Rear Camera and an 8MP Front camera with Flash. In terms of the price Comio S1 Lite comes in, the camera performance is fairly good. I got some great shots from the device on my trip to Rajasthan, some of the shots are shown below.

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As you can see the shots came out great, but there is a shutter lag when clicking pictures, which sometimes feels annoying.

And they also have cool snapchat like filters to use under facecute mode, where you can adjust beautification settings as well. About Beautification, that thing works great on this smartphone.

Let’s jump off to out final section an talk about its battery.


Comio S1 Lite ReviewComio S1 Lite got a 3,050mAh battery, which you can guess is a lot bigger and beefier for a device like this, and that being said the battery life on this device is great. I took pictures all day, and still get around 20-30% juice left at night for more pics, so I took some more pictures :D.

Though while gaming the device gets hot, and that’s when it starts draining the battery. With extensive gaming, the smartphone lasts around a full day charge, but you have to charge it in the night.


In the end, the Comio S1 Lite is suitable for the Indian market that still believe, the buying phones online always result in frauds, and it will be best to gift to someone who is not really into playing heavy games and stuff, like your grandparents, father, mother etc. I personally don’t think that this phone is suitable for the youth as the youth want the best one possible.

But, if you have a budget of 10,000Rs then you should probably go for it. I know you may think why not Redmi 4A or 5A, that’s because their availability fluctuates, and this smartphone is available across all major offline retailers.

So, what are your thoughts about this Comio S1 Lite Review, have any thoughts or questions to ask, tell us in the comments below.

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