Companies not attending Auto Expo 2018 and why ?

Companies not attending Auto Expo
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Auto Expo is the biggest event for all Bike and Carmakers to showcase their products which they have crafted with high efforts in terms of Design, Styling and Performance to impress their Precious customers. In this event, all the Enthusiasts and lovers come to see the Future cars and bikes with lots of greet and happiness. Through this event, companies show their future gen cars and bikes as Concept cars and bikes which helps in impressing the customers. Auto Expo always made People to love their vehicles, it shows that our vehicles are not just a vehicle but a part of our Family. We should take care of them seriously. 2016 Auto Expo was a Tremendous hit as all the companies showcased their valuable efforts. It takes Two years for Auto Expo and it is assumed that 2018 Auto Expo will be more appreciable and crowded from People but not from Makers, Yes it’s True because there are many Normal and Luxurious car maker Companies not attending Auto Expo – 2018 because of many reasons which really have to care.

Companies not attending Auto Expo 2018:

Companies not attending Auto Expo

It seems that there are many Automakers who don’t appreciate Auto Expo to showcase their vehicles to impress and get valuable customers. Here’s the List of Companies not attending Auto Expo – 2018.

Normal brands which are not attending this year Ayto Expo Skoda, Volkswagen, Ford India, Nissan, Fiat (All these brands have participated in the recent Tokyo Expo but are not interested in Delhi Auto Expo 2018). Brands like Ford India and Nissan which have recently impressed their precious customers with their recently launched cars are also not taking part in Auto Expo 2018.

Apart from these Normal brands, there are many Luxurious and Sports car makers which are also not attending 2018 Auto Expo which includes famous brands like- Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Ducati, MAN, Jaguar, Land Rover and Scania. 

For all Superbike lovers, there is also some sad news because many Luxurious and Sports bike makers are also not attending Auto Expo 2018 which includes Harley Davidson, Triumph and Royal Enfield apart from these Bajaj Motors are also not taking part in this Expo.

If we see OVerall there are more than 30 Auto Makers which are not attending Auto Expo 2018.

Companies not attending Auto Expo 2018 and why?

Companies not attending Auto Expo Delhi

There are many reasons told by Automakers which are really true if we took it from their point of view;

#-According to the Brands, it took 50- lakh to 1- crore for showing their 7-8 cars in the Auto Expo and at the end of Expo they have to spend 5-crores to 10- crores which they can use in Man Power for better results.

#-They told that People love to WATCH Other brand cars with gratefulness but at time of Purchasing they always prefer Few brands which are CHEAP and UNSAFE(risk their lives in terms of safety) at some point this is True just for saving some money we Indians Risk our lives.

#-In this year, all the Automakers brands are busy in equipping their Cars with BHARAT STAGE-VI emissions compliant while other cars are working on HYBRID and Electric Vehicles. 

So, guys what do you think about the Auto Expo 2018 if it will create that buzz which companies are expecting, tell us if you guys are ready to Rock the 2018 Auto Expo or didn’t get passes yet, what do you guys think about the Companies not attending Auto Expo – 2018, don’t forget to tell us the car & bike about which you want to get more information and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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