Condition of the Major Sports of our country


We all know that Cricket is not only sport but a religion in our country and we worship our cricketers. The love and regards that we Indians shower for our cricketers are just incredible. That is why every teenager in our country dreams of becoming a cricketer. But what about the others sports of our country? Let’s have a brief look at the condition of the major sports of our country

1) Football 

condition of the Major sports of our country

Except for the name of few star footballers like BhaiChung Bhutia and Sunil Chhetri, we know nothing about our national football team. It’s really shameful to know that India has never been able to participate in FIFA world cup. But in past few years, the team has seen a steady resurgence and Currently, we are ranked at 96th place.

2) Hockey

condition of the Major sports of our country

The conditions of Hockey is way far better than Football and it is really great to know that India is the most successful team ever in Olympics. But the bitter truth is that the feat we are talking about was mostly achieved in the 20th century. Currently ranked at 6th place India failed to reach semis in last Olympics.

3) Wrestling

condition of the Major sports of our country

Wrestling in India has a glorious past at both national and international level. Wrestlers like Yogeswar Dutt and Sushil Kumar have made us proud at Olympic events. But despite having a glorious past and some premium wrestlers we are still struggling to win our first Gold at Olympics.

4) Kabbadi

condition of the Major sports of our countryThis sport in India has rediscovered its lost identity. We are really proud to tell you that India has won Gold in all the Asian Games in Kabbadi. Unfortunately, this sport is not a part of Olympics.

So, guys, this was an image of the condition of the major sports of our country and we can see how we are struggling in most of the major sports of our country. The prime reason behind this difference between cricket and other sports is the Sports environment of our country. The kind of craziness and passion we show for cricket is far away in other sports.

The youth of our country is distracted toward cricket as the kind of glamor, money, and fan following they can get here is available nowhere. Many talented sportsmen have to left their field due to their poor financial conditions, less family support, low sports facilities etc.

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