Datahut: An Intelligent and Affordable Web Scraping Service.

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Imagine you are developing a website in partnership with 2-3 other websites, and you have to collect the data available on their site and display on your website, What would you do? Copying and Pasting the data one by one is an option but it will take a long time or may cause some human errors as well! What if I say you can sit back and relax and automate that process using services provided by Datahut.

Datahut is an Automated Data Extracting Platform (Web Scraper?) which helps you get data you want from any website or web page and place it according to your need as a local file on your PC or as a database in a tabular format.

What is Web-Scraping?

Web Scraping is a technique employed to extract large amounts of data from websites whereby the data is extracted and saved to a local file on your computer or to a database in a tabular (spreadsheet) format.

Data displayed by most websites can only be viewed using a web browser. They do not offer the functionality to save a copy of this data for personal use. The only option then is to manually copy and paste the data – a very tedious job which can take many hours or sometimes days to complete. Web Scraping is the technique of automating this process so that instead of manually copying the data from websites, the Web Scraping software will perform the same task within a fraction of the time.

What is Datahut offering?


  • Fully Managed Services and Ready to Use Data:- Developers at Datahut will give you what you want without any fuss or delay, and the data provided will be ready to use.
  • Zero Coding and Ready to Export:- You don’t have to code scripts, crawlers or anything Datahut will do it for you, and you can export the collected data in CSV, JSON, XML file formats or directly update your database.
  • You’ve Got Control:- After writing the initial code and providing the data to you Datahut will also send you the source code of the crawlers to give you full control over your project. Datahut uses only the open source technologies to write the code.
  • Affordable Services and Moneyback Guarantee:- Datahut offers their services at a very affordable price, and they also have a money back guarantee policy*.

Datahut Service Pricing


Datahut service is priced effectively and they have plans for all type of work, Pricing is as follows

One Time- $100-$299 (Building Cost)
Monthly-  $100-$299 (Building Cost)+ $20 Per Month (Subscription Fee)
Weekly- $100-$299 (Building Cost)+ $40 Per Month (Subscription Fee)
Daily- $100-$299 (Building Cost)+ $90 Per Month (Subscription Fee)

They accept wire transfers as well as Paypal. You can learn more about Datahut here.

That’s it for now. Do let us know what you think about Datahut

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